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Bombshell Alert: Sheriff’s Findings Expose Election Fraud (drops 2100 pages of Dominion Emails). FDR: 326

Bombshell Alert: Sheriff’s Findings Expose Election Fraud (drops 2100 pages of Dominion Emails). FDR: 326

Sheriff Uploads Dominion Emails to X citing Constitutional Election Crisis

Detroit Free Press, “A new social media account using the name and photo of Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf released Sunday more than 2,100 pages of emails from employees of Dominion Voting Systems as the company maintained Leaf got improper access to internal messages through the breach of a court order.”  Interesting email of Dominion IP address concerns of Serbian contractor / employee.    Why

Pro Voter Integrity Lawyer gets Arrested by US Marshals

From CNN,  “Lambert, Leaf and Byrne have claimed in court filings and public statements that the documents they disclosed contain evidence that Serbian nationals meddled in the 2020 election at Dominion’s request. “As has been public for years, Dominion has a small staff presence in Serbia, but any allegation that Dominion employees anywhere tried to interfere with any election is flatly false,” a Dominion spokesperson told CNN after the hearing. During the hearing, Lambert admitted that she gave the materials to Leaf, though she said she was allowed to because she was reporting a crime to “law enforcement.” She also called on Congress to investigate her claim that “foreign nationals” interfered with the 2020 election, which the US Intelligence Community has said was the most secure ever. “I did turn the documents over to law enforcement,” Lambert told the judge.”   


  • Government runs the drugs
  • CDC and FED RES bank are private
  • CIA Hammer and Scorecard to overthrow elections
  • We the people should be able to audit elections anytime, anywhere


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