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Unveiling the Deception: the Marketing of Christians as Society’s True Enemy.. FDR: 325

Unveiling the Deception: the Marketing of Christians as Society’s True Enemy.. FDR: 325


left-leaning media marketing Christians as evil

Cultural Divide:  VCAST talks about the divide between Christians and various groups, including atheists and LGBTQ+ individuals, highlighting scripted divide and conquer playbook for a future conflict (created societal tension)

Demonic Influence: VCAST mentions concerts by Madonna and Doja Cat as examples of what is demonic influence in popular culture, criticizing demonic views that may see such events as acceptable or artistic.

Media Portrayal:  VCAST discusses evangelical groups using digital surveillance and marketing techniques to target non-Christian communities for religious conversions, highlighting the LEFTs paranoia for ethical concerns and questioning will it be used to target enemies of Christians.   Real Christians will not seek blood.

Christian Nationalism: VCAST touches on the concept of Christian nationalism in the fake news, discussing so called secretive Christian organizations and their perceived influence on societal norms and values (framing as the illuminati).   It is all divide and conquer for the audience to with these articles are lefties.  Any Christian should be a nationalist for globalism is a bad time for Christians under one world government.   So all Christians should be nationalists.

New Age Movement: VCAST talks about testimonies of individuals leaving the New Age movement and finding Christianity, highlighting experiences of demon possession and the dangers of practices like meditation and astral projection.   Meditation is finding it’s way in the church.

Moral Values: VCAST discusses the importance of Christian morals and values, emphasizing the need for modesty, adherence to biblical teachings, and rejecting behaviors that go against Christian principles.

Controversial Topics: VCAST addresses controversial topics like homosexuality and how HIV was spread via a vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the alleged dangers of globalism and secular ideologies.

Critique of Mother Teresa: VCAST briefly mentions criticisms of Mother Teresa’s legacy, including allegations of child trafficking and financial impropriety.   Be aware of wolves in the church.

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