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China Wins NWO Police and they are Rewriting the Bible.. FDR: 274

China Wins NWO Police and they are Rewriting the Bible.. FDR: 274

China is Rewriting all Religious Text and Why you Should CARE

With China rewriting the Bible and other Religious texts, you need to look at the Book of  Revelation and end of days.   China appears to the be NWO police force.   The winner.    Lets look at China winning along with tech companies (social credit score), beast technology, war and the Deagle report, and the agenda rewriting of the Bible for a one world anti-Christ agenda.

1. Tech Companies and the Ten Kings of Revelation:

One interpretation suggests that the “ten kings” mentioned could symbolize powerful IT corporate AI entities, which in a modern context could be paralleled with influential tech companies. The idea of tech giants cooperating or sharing common goals might resemble the concept of unity mentioned in the text.  They will have one mind.   Could this mean one hive mind.    Today China is all over social credit scores to enslave you.   This about all the trackers coming like your carbon footprint tracker.    Link this to ID 2020 where you can’t do anything without being marked.

2. One World Religion and Government:

The concept of a one-world religion and government is mentioned in the Bible. While there may not be a direct scripture in the King James Version (KJV) explicitly referencing a one-world religion or government, passages such as Revelation 13:7-8 and Revelation 17:12-13 allude to a powerful entity with control over nations.  If China is the N.W.O. police and rewriting the Bible, wow to Christians.

3. China’s Role and the BRICS Financial System:

China’s rise as a global power and its influence in international affairs, including the economic realm, cannot be denied. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) financial system is part of China’s efforts to reshape global financial dynamics. While concerns about social credit scores and surveillance systems exist, it’s important to realize CBDC is Mark of the Beast money.

4. The Deagle Report and Population Shifts:

The Deagle report, predicting significant population declines in certain countries, has raised eyebrows. It is obvious there will be a theater of war with the USA and the WEST losing.

5. The Implications of Rewriting Religious Texts:

The notion of altering religious texts for political or ideological purposes raises ethical and spiritual concerns. Religious texts hold deep cultural and spiritual significance for many, and any manipulation of these texts for the agenda of a particular group could be perceived as an attempt to control minds and beliefs.   The Bible is a threat to power.   It is God’s word and supernature in nature.   Those that mess with it will be cursed.    The bigger picture,  rewriting the Bible must be looked at with all the other strategic / fear based actions like war and plandemics as a NWO power grab.

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