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Divide and Control, Operation Crimson Mist, Plus Carbon tax on Livestock, FDR 141

Divide and Control, Operation Crimson Mist, Plus Carbon tax on Livestock, FDR 141

Is it now Divide and Control?    Why does the news never cover the destruction of property?  What does the Bible say about abortion?

Big Picture of Seal One / Operation Crimson Mist / Mind Controlism Technology

The Seal one opening is nothing more than a confrontation  that opens the war in a battle for your soul.   This beast system is what I call Controlism,™ ;it  will track you under your skin with a digital id2020, and ties you into a hive mind via gene manipulation and nano technology.[i]   We are living in  the days of Noah, in conjunction with the Book of Daniel , which reveals   iron mixed with clay;    Iron (graphene oxide) mixed with Clay (you) plays into the Fourth Beast end of days world system to know and control your thoughts and ultimately steal your soul. [ii]  Later in this book we’ll show some of the technology that is beyond nefarious.  According to Erica Kaun an investigative Scientist, only 50% of the witch’s brew needs to be disclosed.[iii]   But it won’t work out for Satan for Daniel 2: 43, And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Once you realize this is transhumanism to push you into an omni present Luciferian system, it takes on a whole new perspective. The gene corruption via mRNA and Nano Tech, will allow for a Luciferian omni presence system with multiple tracking capabilities.   The elite futurists continue to say, free will is dead.   How will you lose your free will?  By jacking you into the hive mind using nano technology that is controlled by Artificial intelligence and allows for two-way communication.[iv]  Wait until you see the technology in the witches brew / operating system.   As the days of Noah with gene pollution and corruption of the human body, soul, mind so shall it  is now happening  in the end of days.   Beyond stealing your soul, what are the other strategic imperatives of the witches brew?

Witches Brew Purpose Ties into a Greater Control Grid System

And you have to ask, why are the elite so desperate to poke you and kids that survive CV19?  Why was science thrown out the door for the healthy to get exposed for true herd immunity that has nothing to do with a vaccine, but rather exposure to the virus?  The goal is to push gene therapy that corrupts your DNA via mRNA technology.  The globalist elite want to jack you with an operating system.   As Elon Musk said, “we can turn you into a butterfly with the right DNA sequencing and MRNa delivery system.”[v]

It is about a war on God’s creation and his Word but ultimately it is a battle for your soul.  The goals include the following:

  1. Deagel 200 million USA citizens dead by 2025[vi]
    • 78% population decline in the USA by 2025.
    • Similar drop off of population numbers for Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other NATO countries.
  2. Stealing your Soul via transhumanism, no longer human (DNA patented)
  3. Control via technocracy (track everything) via biohacking
    • Controlism, take away your free will (their words), no longer human
    • Can’t buy or sell technology placed in the temple of God that is you
    • Beast technology, we’ll cover multiple trackers, vaccine, carbon, food
  4. One World Government, A single one world authority[vii]
    • 10 Kingdoms in the Book of Revelation I think are tech companies

I’m curious;  if we truly  have a “generation” (thirty-five years, including the birth pains) for all the end time events to take place as stated in Mathew 24.   We’ll discuss later how the elites and Satan are priming for the release of  seals 2 and 3,  like the mysterious fires with food manufacturing / distributor warehouses, like using the PCR test to cull the chicken supply, and condemning farm land because of human sludge toxins that was an approved fertilizer.[viii]   If it is true people don’t have free will, the abortion leak is a tactic to create civil war and unlock a zombie army (Operation Crimson Mist).   Seal four is total war with destruction, and our insane leaders are talking nuclear war with Russia.  Russia is joining forces with China, and Biden is going after our guns before the invasion.    And you must realize, you’ve been programed with social distancing, lockdowns, face diapers, contact tracing and to take the next toxic poison mRNA gene altering operating system.  The programing technology is so deep, I  have covered hundreds of patents on the war against you.  Get ready for wave two of the bio release for it is said the monkey pox vaccine will kill those that took the mRNA clot shot because of immune suppression. (Polly, 2022)

Like Event 201 that was a virus leak exercise just before the “cv19 drill went live.”  The playbook and many of the social conditional actions were outlined in the Rockefeller plan of 2010 that talks about curtailing all  human rights.[ix]

Wave 2 of Seal One has a similar exercise for monkey pox as mentioned by the Expose headline, “First-ever Global Monkeypox Outbreak happens in exact week “Predicted” in Biosecurity Simulation a year before.”[x]   I’m seeing excuses in the MSN that scientist are worried about a virus from a meteorite, that I don’t buy for one minute.  But you can rest, become a Christian and let Christ pave the way for your soul.  Even if you’ve made a mistake taking this witches brew / operating system, come to Christ and ask for healing , and if it’s your time, at least you’ll go to heaven,  that is real  .




[iv] Transhumanism and the Metaverse – Truth Comes to Light










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