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False Flag Watch to Change the Genocide Narrative. FDR: 289

False Flag Watch to Change the Genocide Narrative. FDR: 289

False Flag Watch to Deflect the Gaza Displacement and Genocide

There are several reports that claim to have leaked a document from the Israeli Intelligence Ministry that details a plan to displace Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The document allegedly outlines a four-stage blueprint that involves evacuating civilians from northern Gaza, launching a ground assault to clear the land of remaining Palestinians, sealing all exit points from Gaza except the Rafah border crossing into Egypt, and resettling Palestinians in tent cities in the northern Sinai desert1234. The plan is said to be a repeat of the Nakba of 1948, when large numbers of Arab residents were uprooted to establish the State of Israel. The document was reportedly dated Oct. 13, 2023 and distributed among the Netanyahu cabinet. The authenticity and validity of the document have not been confirmed by any official sources. 1. msn.com2. peoplesworld.org3. palestinechronicle.com4.

A false flag is a term that refers to a deceptive act or operation that is intended to conceal the true source or responsibility of an action and blame it on someone else. The term comes from the practice of flying a different flag on a ship to disguise its identity or affiliation. Some examples of false flag operations are:

  • The Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961, when a CIA-sponsored paramilitary group tried to overthrow the Cuban government while flying Cuban Air Force colors1.
  • The Gleiwitz incident in 1939, when Nazi agents staged an attack on a German radio station and left behind Polish uniforms and weapons to justify the invasion of Poland2.
  • The Lavon affair in 1954, when Israeli agents planted bombs in British and American targets in Egypt and tried to blame it on local Muslim extremists2.
  • Uss Liberty – Israel attack on a USA to get us involved in their war

False flags can also be used in peacetime by individuals or groups who want to frame or discredit their opponents or enemies. For example, So much evidence the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation by the US government to justify the war on terror2. False flags are often considered unethical and illegal, as they violate the principles of honesty and transparency.   Israel has lost  the narrative by the land grab and genocide we are seeing in the Gaza Strip.   What could be an action to justify the movement of millions of people to Egypt prison camps.   Remember, this was a stand down and innocent blood was lost.

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