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FBI Twitter Drop Big Miss, FDR: 194

FBI Twitter Drop Big Miss, FDR: 194

End of Days in the News, Watchman’s Warning

Big twitter miss with FBI drops | MSM Chemtrails | Zombie Elk / Deer | New Nano Tech Shots | Democide evidence | Bill Gates investments moving forward | 97 year Nazi Secretary Convicted but what about Big Tech | Greening the Desert if Global Warming was Real | Pastor pushes to grow dupe to teach pot smokers how to grow and we cover the water to wine story – deeper meaning | Sean Penn, jail unvaxed | mRNA duel Covid and Flu Shot – what

From ebook:   Lawlessness


To me, Seal 2 is a lawlessness spirit that drives major chaos through the hive mind of Controlism, is what is being  primed by the Seal One witches brew.    You have to ask, why can someone steal up to $900 or so in San Francisco without getting arrested.  Of course,  this is a non sensical  evil policy , and  stores are shutting down.   Areas will become abandoned  and deserted.   I had a wild dream about a Christian business owner who  was allowed to be taken down by a gang, and the police did nothing but were all worried about if you had your vaccine papers via your phone.  The business owner had to dress in a hazmat suit in order to be open for business.  This was a disturbing dream that has elements of truth already being seen around the world ;the police are using scanners to see if you’ve been vaccinated.  This screams Third Reich, Nazi Germany, and  the Fourth Reich is here!.    Just wait  until the elite launch wave two of their bio weapon.  A Zombie apocalypse is something not unwarranted as a concern, as  the CDC has thrown a warning   “suggestion”:[i]


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