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Vcasts / Podcasts Suppressed / Censored? Hidden Knowledge. Why?

Vcasts / Podcasts Suppressed / Censored? Hidden Knowledge. Why?

The Problem with Political Correctness

Political correctness is a term used to describe the practice of avoiding language or behavior that may be considered offensive or discriminatory towards certain groups of people. While the intention behind political correctness may be well-meaning, it can have negative consequences for free speech and open discourse.

At, we believe that political correctness is a dangerous trend that can stifle free speech and limit our ability to engage in honest and open dialogue. By avoiding certain topics or viewpoints out of fear of causing offense, we risk losing the ability to challenge and learn from one another.

We believe that it is important to speak openly and honestly about difficult topics, even if they may be uncomfortable or controversial. This is the only way to truly understand different perspectives and work towards meaningful solutions to the problems facing our society.

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Scott, the driving force behind, is a dedicated "watchman" with many years of experience in political analysis and study of biblical truth. His Final Days Report melds current events with scripture and prophecy, offering deep insights to equip and enlighten others in these turbulent times. Check out Scott's e-Book, "Seal One Has Opened that Primes the Fourth Beast System".

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