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Get Peace and Don’t be Satan’s Puppet. Bible Study with Pastor Larry

Get Peace and Don’t be Satan’s Puppet. Bible Study with Pastor Larry

Get Peace in Him

Brother Larry passionately delves into the spiritual resources available in Christ to combat the devil’s tactics. He emphasizes the importance of being “in Christ” through spiritual rebirth, highlighting that without it, one remains under Satan’s sway and deserving of God’s wrath. He urges listeners to embrace salvation through Christ’s sacrifice, emphasizing forgiveness and redemption.

He touches on believers’ security in Christ, stressing that Satan holds no power over them. The discussion extends to setting the mind on spiritual things to avoid withering spiritually, drawing from verses in Colossians and Romans to underscore the significance of spiritual focus for a vibrant Christian life.

Ultimately, Brother Larry’s message revolves around understanding spiritual warfare, finding peace in Christ, and the need to align one’s mind with spiritual truth.

Picture of Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry, a seasoned spiritual warrior and Vietnam Marine veteran, brings a wealth of life experience to his video podcasts. With over three years dedicated to studying Ephesians six and spiritual warfare, he combines his military discipline and pastoral insight to deliver engaging, faith-filled content. Beyond the pulpit, Larry's diverse career spans from owning a paint company to teaching, showcasing his versatility and commitment to impacting lives. His encounters with the spiritual realm add a unique depth to his teachings, making him not just a knowledgeable guide in faith but also a relatable and approachable figure.

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