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Is a Micro Chip needed for the Mark of the BEAST? Final Days Report: 303

Is a Micro Chip needed for the Mark of the BEAST? Final Days Report: 303

Deep Dive the Beast Tech that will Enslave you..

VCAst is about the MOTB infrastructure.   How does X tie into this mind controlism optogenics soul trap system.  What about ai the fake little god that is using real brain tissue to run.   Artificial intelligence is starting to become a little less artificial… by using actual chunks of the human brain to improve what it’s capable of. Researchers at Indiana University Bloomington in the US have built brain-infused computers named ‘Brainoware’ following a first of its kind experiment.  And it’s thought the new creation may even one day be capable of operating without any human supervision at all. Will the Anti-Christ have a fake resurrection to the AI quantum computer that ties to other dimensions.

You Don’t Need a Chip for the MOTB Implied by Elon and Other’s

“Like, essentially, through the jugular vein, going through your neck. So it doesn’t involve, like, drilling holes in your skull. It’s, like, basically an angiogram (blood xray}. Because the thing about putting things in your veins and arteries is that’s how you are on a regular basis. You know, when you go to the hospital and they put a stent in your heart, how do they do that? They don’t, like, crack open your chest and, like, get a hammer and chisel and, like, put in a stent. They go through your veins and your arteries, because that’s a natural highway to all parts of your body. So if you can do that for the heart, and, you know, they’re starting to do it for some other things, like, why not the brain?“ Elon Musk

Beast Tech is Here Defiling the Temple of God

Neuromorphic computing is an approach to computing that is inspired by the structure and function of the human brain. A neuromorphic computer/chip is any device that uses physical artificial neurons to do computations. Neuromorphic computing could completely transform everything about the technology industry from programming languages to hardware.

Neuralink aims to develop brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that can connect humans and machines. Neuralink’s devices consist of implantable electrodes that can record and stimulate brain activity, and a wireless module that can transmit data to external devices. Neuralink’s goal is to enable humans to interact with artificial intelligence and enhance their cognitive abilities.   Think X and the payment system / hive mind apparatus.

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the atomic or molecular scale. Nanotechnology can be used to create new materials, devices, and systems with novel properties and functions. Nanotechnology has applications in various fields, such as medicine, electronics, energy, and biotechnology.   Seeds of Men will not Cleave.

Wireless body area network (WBAN) is a type of wireless network that uses wearable or implantable devices to monitor and communicate physiological data of a person. WBAN can be used for the beast system.

Last, was  Solomon’s temple he built for God really a human from a birds eye view.

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