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Is Lucifer Omnipresent? Final Days Report #20

Is Lucifer Omnipresent? Final Days Report #20

Is Lucifer Omnipresent

First of all, Lucifer wants to kill, steal and destroy both your soul and Gods creation.  That is why we cover the Deagel report so often with the massive kill of 70% of Americans and many western nations.    So that is why the death and injuries are so high with this vaccine according to VAERS database and it should be pulled if we had an honest media and healthcare system.   This appears to be a culling.

The vaccine mRNA appears to change your DNA that links to transhumanism.   Are you still Gods creation after you take this vaccine if your DNA changes.   If your DNA changes you are patent-able?    How does the vaccine tie to the internet of things? Does this vaccine allow Lucifer to be omnipresent like God?  Does it control and read your thoughts?   Very crazy dream about people being controlled to do the states will.   Vaxed is in the dream lost their soul after taking the vaccine.

Reports coming out that people can no longer feel God after VAX

Are the vaccinated perennial gland being shut off or over ridden?   Are they being tied to the internet of things?

Vaccine is about Control and Enslavement – Transhumanism

Some frightening data about graphene oxide and the globalist plan to put it in everything that appears to be conductive to transmit and receive data within your body.  How will this be linked to smart dust?   Is your body is magnetized after a vaccine.

5G and Transhumanism

5G can control information at the cell level according to the FDA director.  How else did you think they were going to accomplish their track, control and trace plan for the internet of everything?   The vaccine agenda has nothing to do with health but everything to do with patenting, tracking, controlling, and stacking you.

Some Powerful Headline articles Below

  • Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead to a Fusion of Our Physical, Digital and Biological Identity”
  • Implantable microchips that can read your thoughts. Published   on 16 November, 2020  
  • Great Reset – Code For The Merging Of Man And Machine, Of Flesh And Wire
  • Architecting The Beast System: AI Control of Food Supply (Ice Age Farmer)

From the ebook:

4th Beast System (transhumanism) is Iron (nano Tech) in Clay (you)

Transhumanism ; Defiling the temple of God[i]

The  fourth Beast System Rising is technology that defiles the temple of God, the same thing that was happening in  the days of Noah.  The evidence is undeniable.   The opening of Seal one that we proved, is the keystone to make this happen.  The Fourth Beast Rising spoken of by Daniel has many interpretations by Biblical Scholars.   But you need to tie in Satan’s army linking to the Fourth Industrial Revolution that has the following elements  as described by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab and from the UK Government website.     They both describe the Fourth Industrial Revolution (fourth beast rising) “characterized by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing (God’s DNA destruction), quantum computing (AI) and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds.” (Klaus Schwab, 2020)   Think about it, your body if shot with the fake vaccine, is being programed to produce spike proteins that are toxic.[ii]   Why would anybody want to do this?  Besides the  mRNA that can  defile your very DNA, there is a picture of nano tech in the ‘vaccine’ / operating system that is creating  some sort of machine system.[iii]   This is beyond evil as it is  put in you without your consent. Look at the perfect edges.  (, 2022)

You have a nano tech  machine being formed  in your body.    In other words, as the days of Noah when fallen angels defiled God’s creation mating with women and having six toed Giant children, Nephilim,  the current injections  are causing  God’s DNA is defiled (according to a geneticist) and the  technology and nano tech machines are being created. (Ruby, 2022) Psalm 2:2-4 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.   Bands (means bond, holder, restraint = God’s DNA) asunder, and cast away their cords (means rope, twined) from us.    Bands and cords remind me of DNA strands being destroyed by the leaders of this world,  i.e. Gates, Fauci,  Klaus and his gang.   We are seeing a high jacking of God’s image and creation that can be controlled by a super computer,  so Lucifer’s anti-Christ can sit in the temple of God,  that is your body, the temple,  which is in my opinion the true abomination of desolation.  Think bigger.

Lucifer Wants to be Omnipresent like God

Klaus Schwab’s book talks about knowing your thoughts, “can intrude into hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.” (Klaus Schwab, 2020) So they think they will be reading your thoughts and influencing your behavior.  You will be cut off from God.  This is Satan’s way of being omnipresent like God.   It gets worse, you are a genetically modified enslave human, GMeH that is patented, tracked, and stacked.

Lucifer wants to be omnipresent like God and is the great copycat.   Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum said, “As the technologies…give us deeper access to parts of ourselves, we may begin to integrate digital technologies into our bodies.” “Neurotechnologies enable us to better influence consciousness and thought, and to understand many activities of the brain. They include decoding what we are thinking in fine levels of detail through new chemicals and interventions that can influence our brains to correct for errors or enhance functionality.” (Klaus Schwab, 2020)

A WEF video said about 2030, “You’ll own nothing and like it…”   Are people moving toward a complete mind controlled, zombie slave race if they survive this wicked poison?  One of the wildest podcasts I did was how there is remote access technology to plant and erase memories by messing with your DNA.[iv]  You need to think about why the abortion reversal of Roe vs. Wade happened.    Do the elite have a zombie army to destroy the USA since the country has been looted?   We’ll discuss later in the Book, Operation Crimson Mist with mind control technology that reportedly ignited the Rwanda genocide. .  Is this Seal 2 priming that is civil war?

Took Vaccine?  DNA Changes means  You’re No Longer Human

According to a patent attorney, with the mRNA technology editing your genome with synthetic DNA, you are no longer human but rather a patentable genetically modified enslaved human or GMeH™.  You’re a new species that is not a human.   Yes, there is news mRNA does in fact change your DNA as reported by Forbes Magazine, and , of course ,their quick retraction of the story. (Forbes Deletes Headline After Article Claims Vaccines ‘Change Your DNA’, 2021)  An interesting headline with a technical paper, “Yes, the Vaccine Can Change Your DNA, a study at the University of Lund.  A Swedish study has found that the messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is able to be reverse transcribed into DNA.”[v]  There is case law by the Supreme Court that you are now patented and property of the gene editor.[vi]  Klaus went on to say in his book that this  transhumanism / technocratic governance will not have a, “healthy open society.” (Klaus Schwab, 2020)    They want to design the future that will take away your free will and turn you into a controlled zombie and ultimately steal your soul.    The technology is so advanced that when the elite say they can take away your free will, you better believe them.  There are multiple technologies where memories can be added or taken away and this technology was disclosed years ago way before you were injected with this  nano tech.  These elite say you no longer have free will,  that humans are hackable animals;  and you’d better believe that they are years ahead of what they disclose.

We’ve proved Seal one has opened, the toxon injection has been launched into humanity, and the elite say free will is dead.   Have they created a zombie patented army that primes seal 2 for pure chaos?    Cities or at least Christian establishments will and have been  burned because of  the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. The death cult is in motion on many levels.   The elite need to destroy nation states to bring in the one world government by using chaos, then bringing in their answer to it: complete totalitarian, satanic,  control.

No Free Will – Getting to monitor you Under the Skin

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s infamous  futurist, talks about measuring you with complete surveillance under your skin and eliminating your free will.   “Free will is dead,” he goes on to say. This is the Hive Mind they are creating, with two-way communication from them to anyone linked up with the beast system and AI.

This transhumanist agenda will know everything you think and do.   Harari says, “We are upgrading humans into gods.”    “Humans are now hackable animals.”   “Jesus is fake news.” The idea of a soul and free will is over.”   Think of the mRNA operating system with nano tech that ties you to the  hive mind controlled by AI, with total biometric surveillance and control.   This is a satanic freak show agenda.   I’ll say it again, the futurist said, “Jesus is fake news.”   Would you take this witches brew that appears to be a demonic sole sucker to lose your free will? Have you already?

The agenda is to give up your privacy for security, using   fear as the driver.  This anti-Christ futurist goes on to say, humans are not needed and we need to entertain them with drugs and video games.  Video games will be virtual reality like Meta from Facebook.   I heard a pastor that is awake to this enslavement system say, he thinks the elite need us for our children and their satanic appetite for pedophilia (think Wiki Leaks).   You’re destined to become  a hacked engineered controlled zombie.   Again, this homosexual really rips on Jesus as fake news. [vii]   He talks intelligent design by scientists,or, as I like to say ,your designed by an anti-Christ scientific priest network.   Again, let this sink in, humans are hackable animals and you no longer have free will.[viii]

This is the great falling away from God and removing of the holy ghost since Satan’s plan is to eliminate and defile God’s creation, as the days of Noah.[ix]  I can see  how all thoughts were evil all the time, as in the days of Noah.   As stated above, you will be patented according to the Supreme Court if your DNA is changed / added to the mRNA operating system.[x] And yes, studies show and the inventor of the technology demonstrates,  your DNA changes.[xi]  Is Synthetic DNA added also?   This technology is evil and the creators and owners of it rule the world linking your thoughts to Artificial Intelligence.  Think the MATRIX, a perfect depiction of the AI computer using humans for energy, and p[lacing their bodies in a pod, their consciousness in a perpetual dream  state.  Many have been deceived by Pharmacia, sorcery,  and as the Bible says a strong delusion has been released.    Life is in the blood and it is interesting how the vaccine creates a spike protein that taints the blood and causes death.   The spike is poison and you’re producing it.  And what is growing in the veins is  causing major clots and death.  If you survive the genocide, how does the transhumanism tech work in humans?

How Does the Nano Tech in the Poke Control YOU\

The  evidence of nano tech machines in the body from the clot shot is over the top,  and would win in any clean court.   How will this technology control humans?   Magnetic nano tech is hosted in brain cells and will turn into micro receivers manipulated by low frequencies.   People won’t be able to think.  We covered in the vaccine madness podcast how this programing technology has been proven with zebra fish and mice.  A white paper also demonstrates this research , “with magnetic nanoparticles, scientists remotely control neurons and animal behavior.”[xii]

Do you remember when people were turning magnetic after the vaccine?  The fifth column has done amazing research on the morphing of humans into ‘things’  in the internet of things, recording a  phenomenon,:  self-assembling nano tech in the body  when hit with 5G.  Like so many others, they say this is a genocide that destroys your immune system.[xiii].   The screen shots, from the Reese Report, below demonstrates what is in the vaccine, and  appears to show nano tech machines with a power generator multiplied by 5G.  This nano tech self-assembles in your body.   What do these nano tech machines do in you?   It appears they are an internal electronic system.   This is the technology behind the biohacked humans and the “no more free will,” discussed by the elite WEF crowd.  It appears, the elite are priming an army for chaos (Red Horse, reversal of Roe vs. Wade or other issues like civil war) and control.   “It is bio manipulation with nano tech, transistors, networks, nano routers emit MAC address, nano antennas to amplify signals, nano ac to dc, and codex logic gates for communication” (Reese, 2022).  It’s perfect if your wicked and want to run the world.

You won’t believe how deep the bio tech is and being pushed in the medical community..











[xii] With magnetic nanoparticles, scientists remotely control neurons and animal behavior — ScienceDaily


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