Is the Trump indictment Big Time Wrestling? FDR: 234

Is the Trump indictment Big Time Wrestling? FDR: 234

Are we watching a Trump Script?⁣

Is Q operation project Trust used just like in Russia? What are the positives and negatives of Trumps presidency. What is the big agenda being lost in the this drama. Why are they portraying Trump as Jesus. Stormy Daniels is funny because Trump is going through the storm. What are popular podcasters saying about the Trump indictments? Are we watching a script? What about all the occult symbolism of Trump. What is up with the transhumanism coin of the Abraham accords fit all of Trumps beast system decisions. Are we Dealing with as the days of Noah. We cover a viral video of Trump flip flopping on so many topics. Is Q operation trust from the Russian Communist takeover. Are fallen angels around. Is Trump saved. A good script needs a villain and a hero that is down trodden. Root for the underdog. Who bailed out Trump from Bankruptcy and why does it mater. What did Rabbis say Trump was?

There are a lot of questions surrounding the current political climate in the United States and the role of President Donald Trump. One theory that has gained attention is the idea of “Q operation is liken to project Trust” and whether or not it is linked to a perceived Russian Communist takeover.

Some of the positives and negatives of Trump’s presidency are heavily debated. Supporters argue that he has boosted the economy and created jobs, while others point to his controversial policies and rhetoric as evidence of a negative impact on American society tied to transhumanism technology.

Despite this ongoing drama, there is a suggestion that a bigger agenda is being overlooked, and that the portrayal of Trump as a messianic figure is part of that agenda. For example, the Stormy Daniels scandal has been seen by some as a deliberate attempt to destabilize the President with a theater type story.  Trump is going through the storm and the story looks like Jesus.

Popular podcasters have also shared their thoughts on the Trump indictments, with some claiming that the entire situation is part of a well-planned script (my theory). The presence of occult symbolism surrounding Trump has added to the intrigue, further fueling speculation about his potential role in a wider conspiracy.

There is also a focus on the idea of transhumanism, particularly in relation to the Abraham Accords coin, dna mrna nano tech shoots. Some believe that this represents a move towards a post-human society, similar to the days of Noah.

Other questions include whether or not fallen angels are involved in this political drama and whether Trump is saved. Some argue that he is being deliberately portrayed as the hero of the moment, while others emphasize the importance of rooting for the underdog.

Looking at the financial side of things, there is curiosity about who bailed Trump out of bankruptcy and why this might matter. Some reports have suggested that Rabbis believe Trump to be an important figure = christ that would be the anti christ.

Overall, the current political climate in the United States is one of great fascination and speculation. Whether or not the Q operation project Trust is linked to a Russian Communist takeover remains to be seen, but the ongoing drama and conspiracy theories show no sign of slowing down.

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