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Is USA being scanned with Green Lasers like Maui before the Fire? Invasion priming? FDR: 310

Is USA being scanned with Green Lasers like Maui before the Fire? Invasion priming? FDR: 310

Evidence we are being primed to be Invaded

More Invasion Evidence – Mapping the Terrain

In this Vcast we show a video of a plane mapping the USA just like in Maui.   The technology is called Lidar that is an acronym for laser imaging, detection, and ranging, and it works a little like sonar. But instead of sending out sound waves to map an area, it sends out laser beams.

USA is a Corporation Failing Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

This section emphasizes the guarantee of a republican form of government for each state and the commitment to protect states against invasion or domestic violence when requested by the state’s legislature or executive (if the legislature cannot be convened).

Cover what Texas is doing to fight back.  Know your rights.

Google New Terms Stinks and Smell Like a Planned Event to Control Free Speech

Google is updating its inappropriate content policy for ads to clarify the definition of Sensitive Events. A Sensitive Event is an unforeseen or unexpected situation that poses a significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high-quality, relevant information and reduce insensitive content in prominent and monetized features. Examples of Sensitive Events include events with major social, cultural, or political impact, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health crises, terrorism, conflict, or mass violence.

The updated policy will go into effect in February 2024 and will prohibit certain exploitative or insensitive ads and content during or about Sensitive Events. For example, ads that exploit, dismiss, or condone the Sensitive Event, or engage in price gouging and victim blaming, will not be allowed. The policy will apply to Google’s publisher network as well as ads and YouTube monetization.

Google says the update aims to strike a balance between providing access to timely information and maintaining revenue streams that support online content and services, while also limiting misinformation and exploitation on its advertising platforms. Google also says it may take action to address risks around misinformation, fraud, and other predatory practices during Sensitive Events.

Since this is a watchman ministry, I revisit a bunch of dreams as well that appear to be coming true.   Last, we cover how some healthcare insurance policies have changed to not include issues with war.

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