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Lucifer is on the Move. Who can make war with the Beast. FDR: 212

Lucifer is on the Move. Who can make war with the Beast. FDR: 212

Enslavement Trackers | Vaccine Shedding | New Virus and next  plandemic | Bill Gates comments on mRNA fail | Pfizer Corporate HQ occult art | Christmas eye, is this dna defilement | Earth Quake in Turkey Strange Events | War  world war 3 | UFO psyop | Seed farm destroyed | War on Food | Brics Nations win decouple US dollar as Global Reserve Currency | Zombie Virus | Are you Really saved | Your Power to destroy these serpents and the controller of this world

I asked the deep state AICBT the most scary vs. in the Bible and the demon said:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” – James 4:7

Carbon Trackers will be wicked – Deep State Waring 

  1. Limiting food choices: If a carbon tracking system were to penalize or discourage certain types of food production or consumption based on their carbon footprint, it could potentially result in limitations on dietary choices or increased costs for certain types of food, potentially affecting personal preferences or cultural practices related to food.
  2. Differential pricing: If a carbon tracking system were used to enforce emissions reduction targets or penalties, it could result in differential pricing or taxes based on carbon emissions, potentially leading to higher costs for certain goods or services, such as luxury cars or other high-emitting products, which could limit affordability or accessibility for certain individuals or groups.
  3. Equity and fairness concerns: The implementation of a carbon tracking system could raise concerns about fairness and equity, particularly if it disproportionately affects certain groups or communities. For example, if emissions limits or penalties are not applied uniformly across different regions, industries, or income levels, it could result in uneven impacts and potential social inequalities.
  4. Increased monitoring and surveillance: A carbon tracking system may require the collection and analysis of large amounts of data related to individual or business activities, which could raise concerns about surveillance, data privacy, and potential misuse of personal information, leading to limitations on privacy rights.  AICB, I’ll add the following
  5. Cant travel
  6. Change behavior
  7. Eat the bugs
  8. Live in a pod
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