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NASA Deception.. Final Days Report 301

NASA Deception.. Final Days Report 301


Do Not Be Deceived by NASA

Missiles Hitting the Moon what is the agenda
In March 2022, a three-tonne rocket part, believed to be from a Chinese Long March 3C rocket booster, crashed into the moon’s far side, creating a double crater
The origin and payload of the rocket part were unclear, and the impact could help astronomers determine what it was. In October 2023, NASA launched three sounding rockets during the annular solar eclipse to study how the sudden drop in sunlight affects the upper atmosphere, especially the ionosphereThe ionosphere is where solar radiation ionizes gases, creating a sea of high-flying ions and electrons that can affect satellite communications5The rockets measured the temperature, density, electric field, and magnetic field of the ionosphere before, during, and after the eclipseThe mission, called APEP, was named after the Egyptian deity of darknessThe same rockets will be relaunched in 2024 for the total solar eclipse.  These stories are written because people are seeing things hitting the moon.

We play Reese Fake Moon Landing

The American flag planted on the moon looks like it is flapping in the wind, which is impossible in the vacuum of space. The shadows and lighting in the photos and videos are inconsistent, suggesting that they were taken in a studio with artificial sources. There are no stars visible in the sky, which is odd for a place with no atmosphere. The lunar module and the astronauts left no blast crater or dust trail when they landed or took off, indicating that they were not actually there. The technology and equipment used by the astronauts were too primitive or unreliable to survive the harsh conditions of space and the moon (looks fake). The radiation from the Van Allen belts and the sun would have killed or harmed the astronauts, unless they were protected by heavy shielding that was not present in the spacecraft. The moon rocks brought back by the astronauts are identical to some rocks found on Earth and petrified wood, implying that they were not from the moon.

Obama’s latest movie on Netflix about a terror attack is Leave the World Behind

The movie was executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama through their Higher Ground Productions company, which has a multi-year deal with Netflix. Barack Obama also gave extensive notes to the director, based on his presidential experience and his love for movies, to make the film more realistic and empathetic. The movie is a psychological thriller that explores themes such as race, class, preppers, dumbed down tech heads and human nature in the face of a disaster.  Our view, this is WEF predictive programing.  What is crazy, you see Obama shirt saying obey next to another characters shirt NASA.   But what is wild is USA Today whitewashed the shirt Obey in a news article.

Biblical Cosmology

Michael Heiser is a biblical scholar, author, and semitic languages expert who has studied and written about various aspects of biblical cosmology, such as the divine council, the sons of God, the nephilim, the watchers, the angelic rebellion, the cosmic geography, the unseen realm, etc. He has published several books and articles on these topics, such as The Unseen Realm, Reversing Hermon, Angels, Demons, and The Bible Unfiltered.   We cover his presentation of what the Bible says about God’s Creation.    Now Heiser does not believe God’s word on Biblical Cosmology is literal. He attained an MA in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA and PhD in the Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he minored in Classical studies.

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