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Next Pandemic According to Harvard will destroy Food Freedom.. FDR: 320

Next Pandemic According to Harvard will destroy Food Freedom.. FDR: 320

Next Plandemic will Destroy Food Freedom

A recent study by Harvard Law School and New York University has shed light on the risks of future pandemics originating from interactions between humans, animals, and livestock in the United States1. Here are the key findings:

Animal Industries at Risk: The study analyzed 36 different animal industries, including fur-farming, the exotic pet trade, hunting, trapping, industrial animal agriculture, backyard chicken production, and roadside zoos. These industries pose serious threats of generating large-scale disease outbreaks.

Zoonotic Disease Risk: Zoonotic diseases are infections transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans. The report emphasizes that many high-risk interactions between humans and animals occur routinely within the U.S. These interactions could potentially spark future pandemics.

Regulatory Gaps: Surprisingly, all the animal industries examined in the study are far less regulated than commonly believed. Wide regulatory gaps exist, allowing pathogens to spillover and spread. This leaves the public constantly vulnerable to zoonotic diseases.


Unique Vulnerability: The immense scale of animal use in the U.S. makes the country uniquely vulnerable to zoonotic outbreaks. For instance:

The U.S. is the largest importer of live wildlife, bringing in more than 220 million wild animals annually without rigorous health checks or disease testing.


Livestock production in the U.S. is substantial, with over 10 billion livestock processed in 2022. However, on-farm production lacks proper regulation.

The U.S. ranks among the world’s top producers of pigs and poultry, both carriers of influenza viruses that could lead to large-scale human pandemics.

In the past decade, many diseases including HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19 have originated from animals. Corporate media and right-wing lawmakers have frequently alleged, without evidence, that these zoonotic diseases are the result of supposedly poor hygiene or unsafe cultural practices in the Global South, claims that are based on anti-Asian and anti-African stereotypes. But despite this racist discourse, zoonotic diseases are actually as likely if not more likely to spring from commercial factory farms in the U.S., where millions of animals are pushed into close contact with very little government regulation.”  Truth News.  This is nothing but a power grab to defile your livestock with mRNA technology.”   Parlay this research with the war on the Amish and private contracts with food sourcing under the guise of people getting sick from clean food, this is a true war to destroy human rights and food freedom.

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