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Virtual Reality: The Anti-Christ’s Gateway to Immortality. FDR: 321

Virtual Reality: The Anti-Christ’s Gateway to Immortality. FDR: 321

Digital Zombie – Apple Vision Pro is Priming the AI Anti Christ System

Apple Vision Pro is part of a bigger playbook to link you into the hive mind.  This vcast connects the dots and demonstrates the big picture of the beast system, iron mixed in clay or graphene mixed in you.   The seeds of men will not cleave.  Men will seek death and not find it.   We are seeing digital zombie heads and will get more strange as we go along.   Think about these controlled zombies when they except the mark of the beast.    Will this filter tech be in them?   Is that why they will hunt Christians in the EOD?  This vcast cover many unintentional consequences of this technology.   It is going to get weird.

Remember Yuval Noah Harari statement, One of his thought-provoking statements revolves around the rise of what he terms the “useless class.” Here’s the exact quote: “One answer might be drugs and computer games. Unnecessary people might spend increasing amounts of time within 3D-virtual-reality worlds, that would provide them with far more excitement and emotional engagement than the drab reality outside.”

Digital Enslavement – Remember, you’re the cell phone by 2030

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, he said that 6G would arrive by the end of 2030 but it could make smartphones obsolete. “By then, the smartphone as we know it today will not be the most common interface. Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies,” Pekka Lundmark said.   June 5, 2022

Live Forever in Virtual Reality

Living Longer with CRISPR: Beyond treating specific diseases, CRISPR offers tantalizing prospects for extending human lifespan. Studies have found that CRISPR treatment can make cells partially dormant, slowing down the aging process. In experiments with mice, CRISPR-Cas9 allowed them to live 25% longer and be physically stronger. Biologists believe these results can be replicated in humans, potentially leading to longer, healthier lives.

MAN and MACHINE:  Dystopian Nightmare?: Imagine a world where individuals receive nano tech treatments to live forever, the convergence of biology, technology, and artificial intelligence raises thought-provoking questions that fits the Bible vs, men shall seek death and not find it.

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