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Pre-Programming Kids for the Mark of the Beast / MOB. FDR: 222

Pre-Programming Kids for the Mark of the Beast / MOB. FDR: 222

Cartoon Pushing the Mark of the Beast / MOB Mindcontrolism tech for Kids

Preprograming kids for mark of the beast or MOB | WEF pushes Meta | Old Truther highlights the vaccine mindcontrolism tech from the late 80s | Amazon robots and drones | Behavior modification Amazon Spy driver tech | Ring drones | As the days of Noah | Meta | Psalm 2 gene war | Not Buy Elon Musk Chip company

The elite that own the federal reserve bank want total control.   What is hilarious, I asked the Deep State about the FED being private and said, we know it is private.   Here is it’s response that is very calculated.   The Federal Reserve System is a quasi-public institution that operates independently within the government but also has some elements of private ownership. It was created by Congress in 1913 and its purpose is to stabilize the economy by regulating the money supply and interest rates. The Federal Reserve is overseen by a Board of Governors, who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, and also includes 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks. While the Federal Reserve Banks are technically private institutions, they are subject to significant government oversight and their profits are transferred to the U.S. Treasury. So while the ownership structure of the Federal Reserve System is somewhat complex, it is generally considered to be a public institution.  AICB

Remember, the Mind Controlism Tech is Deep

DREADs = Programmed DNA to Operate a Human via Remote Control

From Dr. Charles Morgan’s presentation, he states that DNA / gene splicers can take over humans the way you think and act by editing, split humans dna..  They are merging DNA with Quantum computers.    DREADS = Designer receptors that can be remotely controlled.  Put a cell in the and create any DNA product and remote control the actions you want.   Edit splice and control a cell is now available.   Memories can be changed as well.  So will they have the vaxed go crazy and kill everyone?  It’s called psycho neurobiological war and the technology is available.  This fits operation project mist and Seal 2.

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