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Predicting a Heart Attack Pandemic from a New CV19 Strain. Or – DNA defilement from the POKE? FDR: 306

Predicting a Heart Attack Pandemic from a New CV19 Strain. Or – DNA defilement from the POKE? FDR: 306

DNA Defilement as the Days of Noah Devil Juice is Confirmed

A newly published study analyzed human DNA isolated from volunteers’ blood samples. Authors looked for matches between blood cells’s DNA and genetic sequences unique to the Pfizer COVID vaccine BNT162b2. After using sensitive tests, scientists found genes that could only come from the Pfizer COVID vaccine in the genomes of blood samples analyzed.  Summary: a study of humans suffering from Long Covid analyzed their cellular DNA. The authors unexpectedly found genes uniquely specific to the Pfizer COVID vaccine in human blood cells. This finding proves that mRNA COVID vaccines permanently integrate into the DNA of some COVID-vaccinated people.”

Heart Attack Pandemic In the NEWS

A new strain of Covid-19, known as JN.1, has been detected in several countries, including the US. It is more contagious and may cause more severe symptoms than previous variants12.

Researchers from Japan have warned that Covid-19 infection could trigger a ‘heart failure pandemic’ in the near future, as the virus may persist in the heart and damage its function12. They used iPS cells to create heart tissue and found that the virus could infect it and reduce its cardiac function2.

A study from Harvard Medical School found that Covid-19 diagnosis raises the risk of heart attack and stroke in the first week after infection, and the risk remains elevated for at least a month3. The researchers analyzed data from over 80,000 patients and found that Covid-19 increased the risk of blood clots and inflammation in the arteries3.  1Doctors fear new Covid strain could trigger ‘heart failure pandemic …2, 3 5

Toxic in the Blood

“This is what the Italian biochemist Gabriele Segalla declared in light of his new study published in peer-review in the American scientific journal International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR), with the title “Apparent Cytotoxicity and Intrinsic Cytotoxicity of Lipid Nanomaterials Contained in a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine”.

Since life is in the blood, the war is on the blood.

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