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Satan’s Tricks – Bible Study with Brother Larry

Satan’s Tricks – Bible Study with Brother Larry

Satan’s Tricks

Pastor Larry emphasizes spiritual warfare against Satan, clarifying his metaphoric references to military experiences as spiritual battles. He stresses that Christians aren’t called to revolt against governments but to engage in spiritual conflict using spiritual weapons, not physical means.

He highlights the dangers of extremes regarding beliefs about demons—disbelief in their existence or excessive fascination with them. He emphasizes focusing on knowing God through Jesus Christ while acknowledging the reality of Satan, demons, and spiritual influence.

Larry believes in demons, Satan, and demon possession, but asserts that Christians can’t be demon possessed but have some strongholds. He discusses the influences of Satan even on devout Christians, citing the Apostle Paul’s experiences.

He emphasizes Satan’s role as a deceiver and quotes biblical verses underscoring Jesus as the truth opposing Satan’s lies. He stresses the importance of responding to the light of Christ through faith and the need for a personal relationship with Jesus for forgiveness of sins.

Pastor Larry concludes with a heartfelt message expressing love and care for the listeners, encouraging them to seek Christ and continue their spiritual journey.

Picture of Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry, a seasoned spiritual warrior and Vietnam Marine veteran, brings a wealth of life experience to his video podcasts. With over three years dedicated to studying Ephesians six and spiritual warfare, he combines his military discipline and pastoral insight to deliver engaging, faith-filled content. Beyond the pulpit, Larry's diverse career spans from owning a paint company to teaching, showcasing his versatility and commitment to impacting lives. His encounters with the spiritual realm add a unique depth to his teachings, making him not just a knowledgeable guide in faith but also a relatable and approachable figure.

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