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War on Small Business! Final Days Report #31

War on Small Business! Final Days Report #31

Vaccine Scanning Cops – Social Justice Cops

Prophetic dream about gangs allowed to destroy small businesses.    Cops became vaccine scanners but had to ware poisonous suits laced with something that impacts the skin (nano tech fibers?).   Will good government workers die off? (see podcast on Gov. Workers and the Vaccine

Small businesses workers had to wear a massive freak suits to stay in business.    Police will become worthless vaccine scanners to infringe upon the people.

We know in the news, Covid leaves 6m UK small businesses and 16m jobs in ‘precarious position’ according to the Guardian.

From an article:  Thousands of America’s small businesses are teetering on the edge of permanent closure, and Democrats in Washington are about to give them one final shove. The result will be the further fraying of our social fabric and the permanent loss of working-class jobs.

Are we being Poisoned by Graphene Oxide

Masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide and potentially nanoparticles.   A  vaccine is needed for the internet of things and the beast system to put you in the bodyNet / transhumanism?    Appears there are so with many patents.    What are they jacking these masks and other healthcare products with?

from ebook:

Dreams, Attacks on Christian Businesses and Elders

Great Whore Riding Bull and Drowning it

I saw a kid bully needed to be punched because he was harassing people with no common sense.  He was a wicked lazy kid.   Next, I saw a whore drowning a bull, she looked like Marri Osmond, attractive lady in her day drowning and beating it up.   A bull means elders or pastors.   There were sudden deaths of many Christian men with three survivors saying they thought there was a biological hit on them.   I’ve mentioned this often, I saw gangs stealing gas and storing the gas in rock formations.   A woman that ran the raid was demoted by the great whore mentioned multiple times.   The war on gas is a by design collapse and nothing to do with the Russian war.

Whore Leader Doing War Against Christians

I saw the same beautiful whore directing Nazi soldiers to harass and listen too, tax Christian business owners.   The Nazi soldiers were walking underground in a cave or dark tunnel.

Wheat and Tares Dream, Your Time to Choose

I saw a building with music being played.  On the left side, I saw wicked people dressed in black with a wicked spirit, bad smell, and terrible voice.   On the right side, was an angelic choir with angelic sound, all demographics, dressed in white, tall short good lucking not good looking but all were Christians.   The left side were singing a Rolling Stones song with a scratchy demonic tone.   The right side had diverse races dressed in white, angelic clothing singing a beautiful song that was indescribable.  Time to choose your side.

Find the Right Church that is God Fearing and Preaches Hard

I had a dream a lady was looking at an island for property.   She started to swim in the water and realized there were alligators in the water.  I took this as wicked church leaders in the water that represents the holy ghost.   The water was infested with evil.    She found a small island next to my property under consideration that had many little alligators being lazy.   I told her to call in the catcher, that is Jesus.    I recently had another dream of a large snake and alligator came out to me and next I saw Jesus come out from the water.   Next, I saw Jesus cleaning the teeth of the allegator with little effort.   Fun dream to cast your prayers to Jesus.

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