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War on Women – Daughters will be drafted for WW3. FDR: 279

War on Women – Daughters will be drafted for WW3. FDR: 279

Women in the US Military: Destroying Womanhood

Simultaneously, within the U.S. military, significant strides were made regarding the roles of women in combat. Historically, women’s roles in the military were largely limited to support functions, nursing, and administrative roles. However, as the demands of modern warfare evolved, so did the roles of women within the military. In recent years, the United States expanded opportunities for women, allowing them to serve in combat roles and according to a ruling, eligible for the draft. This progressive shift recognizes the eugenics agenda to control birthing (defile them with pokes) and blood.

Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan and Drugs

Before 2001, when the Taliban controlled parts of Afghanistan, they actively burned poppy fields as part of their strict interpretation of Islamic law, which prohibited the cultivation of opium poppies for the production of heroin.  However, following the U.S. invasion, the dynamics of the region shifted. Many Afghan farmers turned to poppy cultivation as it provided a lucrative income source compared to other crops. The opium trade became a major source of revenue for warlords, insurgent groups, and especially our government.  Pat Tillman and many other blew the whistle.   This vcast unlocks the drug trade and transition of government NWO police power to China.

As the United States withdrew its forces from Afghanistan, a significant concern arose regarding the military equipment and weaponry left behind. This equipment included vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and communication systems. The U.S. withdrawal led to the rapid takeover of the Afghan government by the Taliban, who subsequently gained control of much of this military hardware.   The real reason the USA left is to abandon the poppy fields since synthetic opioids are taking over.   Plus China and the BRICS nations win as the NOW police and eventually the financial system.    The USA military is being stripped of power with non Biblical principles and waste.

Proverbs 31 and Gender Roles

Proverbs 31, in the Bible’s Old Testament, is often cited in discussions about gender roles and the attributes of “a woman of valor.” It describes a woman who is diligent, resourceful, and strong, emphasizing her contribution to her family and community. The real war and conspiracy is against God’s DNA creation and his design.  Now, the satanic elite want to sacrifice your daughters for war and take them away from rising kids.   The state wants your kids.   God’s design is for men to fight wars often described as men of valor (obviously).  The term “men of valor” appears multiple times in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, and it is often used to describe individuals who displayed exceptional courage, strength, and honor in various contexts mostly war. These men were admired for their bravery, leadership, and willingness to stand up for what they believed in. Here are a few notable examples of “men of valor” in the KJV:

Gideon (Judges 6-8): Gideon was a judge of Israel who is often referred to as a “man of valor.” He is best known for leading a small group of Israelite soldiers in a victorious battle against the Midianite army, demonstrating remarkable faith and courage.

David (1 Samuel and 2 Samuel): King David, one of the most prominent figures in the Bible, is often described as a “man of valor.” His courage was evident when he faced the giant Goliath as a young shepherd boy and later in his military exploits as king. His psalms in the Book of Psalms also reflect his deep faith and trust in God.

Joshua (Book of Joshua): Joshua succeeded Moses as the leader of the Israelites and is known for his unwavering faith and leadership qualities. He led the Israelites in the conquest of the Promised Land, and his determination and courage in the face of many challenges make him a prime example of a “man of valor.”

Caleb (Numbers 13-14 and Joshua 14): Caleb, along with Joshua, was one of the twelve spies sent to scout the Promised Land. While most of the spies were filled with fear, Caleb demonstrated unwavering faith in God and the belief that they could conquer the land. His faith and courage earned him the description of a “man of valor.”

Jephthah (Judges 11): Jephthah, another judge of Israel, is recognized for his valor in leading the Israelites to victory against the Ammonites. He made a solemn vow to God and, despite the personal cost, kept his promise, demonstrating his commitment and honor.

In each of these cases, “men of valor” are individuals who exhibited exceptional qualities such as faith, courage, leadership, and a strong sense of honor. They were often chosen by God to lead and protect His people, and their stories serve as examples of how faith and determination can lead to extraordinary achievements in the face of adversity. The concept of “men of valor” in the KJV emphasizes not only physical strength but also moral and spiritual qualities that make them remarkable figures in biblical history.

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