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WEF and WHO Digital Enslavement Trap. Russia pushing on Their Citizens as Well. FDR: 199

WEF and WHO Digital Enslavement Trap. Russia pushing on Their Citizens as Well. FDR: 199

WEF, Russia, and WHO promote Digital Enslavement

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Digital ID is Beast Tech Enslavement on so many Fronts – ID2020

The Beast Tracking System (tracks it all)

According to Aaron Russo in an interview from 2002, the Rockefellers and the elite want you chipped with an RFID  chip  to be able to buy and sell,  but it’s  even worse.  You will get paid only if you’re a good slave.   The goal is to shut down the West and all freedom and capitalism.   This is why the Western nations, especially the USA needs to be destroyed as the Deagle report projections indicate , for all  free market countries.    There are so many enslavement trackers converging at one time that include Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, Social credit score, carbon tracker, vaccine passport, food allocation, BioID for the Net, and more.    The surveillance and tracking apparatus will control the means to work, travel and buy or sell all linked to the Central Bank Digital Coins that bypass banks.  The elite strategy is, order out of chaos, or problem- reaction -solution.    They create the problem and have the solution.   For example, the food shortages have been manufactured by factories burning down, fertilizer shortages by fire and shipping constraints, and money printing.  In India, the elite have launched a digital id to track your food allocation and coupons.    From the WEF, A digital ID tracker will be used to track your carbon footprint.   This enslavement technology will be used to limit and control your behavior.   For example, if you have traveled to far, you must walk or stay home.  Breathe too much air over your lifetime, you must go to the meta verse and stop polluting the earth and die (upload your consciousness).    A digital ID will be used for universal basic income , UBI, that the central banks will have direct access to.   But,  CBDC bankers can take money from your account, if you’re not a good controlled zombie with your social credit score ranking.   Last, after a false flag cyber-attack takes down the web, you will need digital papers to get on the internet and everything will be tracked by Darpa technology. Eventually, all of these trackers will be placed  inside your body with the bio tech human and Microsoft crypto currency model.   It will morph into beast tech worship and you’ll be promised to live forever in the metaverse or virtual reality.   We’ll go deeper into each tracker.

ID2020 Using Health as the Tip of the Spear to Mark You

The goal of the elite is not to stop CV19 from spreading, but rather to track and poison you via the poke, and to centrally manage you under a one world government.   From the Pulse, “The WHO recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty tied to a digital passport and digital ID system. Meeting in December 2021 in a special session for only the second time since the WHO’s founding in 1948, the Health Assembly of the WHO adopted a single decision titled, “The World Together.””[i]”The WHO plans to finalize the treaty by 2024. It will aim to shift governing authority now reserved to sovereign states to the WHO during a pandemic by legally binding member states to the WHO’s revised International Health Regulations.”[ii]

The Times of Israel article  does a nice job explaining the surveillance intelligence amplification.  “The goal of this public-private partnership is to track undocumented individuals in less developed countries missing identification such as official birth registration or medical records, and thus may lack access to healthcare services and vaccines.   However, ID2020 is also active in more developed countries such as the US and has partnered with City of Austin, Texas, to provide a blockchain-enabled digital ID platform for the homeless population, as well as to refugees receiving medical treatment from the International Rescue Committee in Thailand.  Now with the sudden onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, this seems to have presented an opportunity to fast track global health into a new era of digital healthcare.  Already there has been discussions about issuing an “immunity passport” to allow individuals a “back to work” pass in order to leave quarantine and engage in commerce again, whether through antibody testing or vaccines. With the increased use of contactless payment, Microsoft in March filed a patent (No. 060606) for a cryptocurrency system linked to body activity data such as brain waves and body heat, moving closer towards a cashless economy in light of the Covid-19 contagion.  .  Indeed, Congress’s recently proposed TRACE Act (H.R. 6666)  to trace and quarantine potential Covid-19 infected persons, if passed, would be further augmented by blockchain-enabled digital ID linked to records of immunization and body-activity enabled cryptocurrency system. H.R.6666 is related to the 2003 Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons Countermeasures Research Act (S. 666) on state response to maintain public safety during bioterror or pandemic emergencies. As such, novel digital healthcare concepts being tested in developing countries in Asia and Africa is now flowing to industrialized countries due to the pandemic.  However, most digital health solutions still flow from developed to developing countries especially for family planning and sustainable population growth.”[iii]  It appears you can’t work without this wicked tracking system.   Can you see the order out of chaos strategy?  It is obvious.  Do you see all the 6s above with policy?

At the World Economic Forum, the CEO from Nokia said , your body will be like a  cell phone by 2030. It is interesting that Nokia is reported to own nanowire patents.   Do you see this Beast Tech that is Iron Mixed with Clay?  It all ties together with graphene oxide in the witches brew / operating system that generates Mac codes with the assistance of 5g.  The  definition of  What it means to be human no longer exists.   It is a fact; people were magnetized with a nano material.   This was nothing short of a coordinated one world government enslavement rollout apparatus.   This weapon poison poke system has created a Cytokine Storm that is causing death with the combination of graphene oxide (super conductor, energy capacity, bio sensors, nano-tech, magnetic behavior, EMF generators to terahertz, clotting effect, infertility, gene changer) and 5G.   There is a release of free radicals that triggers a cytokine storm that is activated with 5G.  The world is an electronic mega soup, and the vaccine is driving human control since many have a new graphene brain..[iv]

The neuro synopsis of the brain is being rewired.  This technology has been tested before with operation Crimson Mist and the Rwanda genocide.   Your being irradiated and your body is fighting this toxic soup.[v]  5G volts is a beam, and shoots directly at you especially if you are on the phone.    Many experts are seeing acute radiation syndrome with the introduction of graphene oxide into our bodies.   What is interesting is that the breakout started in Wuhan where the 5G was first turned on.  This is about sustainable development that means genocide for some participants and if you survive, you will be a controlled zombie.  5G destroys oxygen and guess what, CO2 has oxygen that the plants need.   Is this why lakes are evaporating?  Is this a mass genocide by design where no flesh will be left unless Jesus comes back?

Think of the NAZI type control this tracking system has, that is being implemented under the lie of safety?  Notice the 666 in all this tech and policy? You will be the wallet and the elite are putting bitcoin in rat DNA (tech is here) since the DNA is like a computer disk to save information.   I find it funny how the elite are positioning tracking tech  as a right or benefit.   What if you don’t want to be tracked?  Are you ready to opt out?







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