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WEF January Meeting, to Discuss Five agenda topics… Pushing the BioHack anti Human agenda: FDR 195

WEF January Meeting, to Discuss Five agenda topics… Pushing the BioHack anti Human agenda: FDR 195

WEF meeting in January to Discuss 5 Topics that Will Enslave YOU..

We dive deep into the luciferin Fourth Beast System spoken of by Daniel that the Elite call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.   The WEF are meeting in January to discuss 5 points of their upcoming bio hack human agenda / AI.   It is an enslavement program..     Plus, Amish Farmer wins organic fight.   UN peace keepers caught human trafficking.  CPS human trafficking busted by Veritas.     We cover Israel gene database.

Who Runs it All ?

The central bank owners that are private bankers own every central / federal bank in the world except for Iran, North Korea, Russia (it is speculated), and Syria.   Who do we want war with, the countries that the Central Bankers supposedly do not control?   Some speculate the Catholic Church is directing these bankers along with the crown, free masons, etc. etc. etc.    To me and to keep it simple, they are Synagogue of Satan that runs it all.

The summary of our book highlights the evil of the WEF and is needed to Understand the Globalist Agenda 

The Lord has showed me through dreams and visions how to unlock the Bible in these final days (, that are not taught in seminary schools. This is Satan’s world for now Matthew 4:9.“And  saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” Satan said.  And again, Jesus warned the disciples in Matthew 24 “Be not deceived..” because  the deception is so immense that it is hard to wrap your mind around but it is here. NOW.

Satan’s playbook is to kill, steal and destroy your soul.  We will show how Seal 1 has been opened in conjunction with the first part of Revelation 9, that reveals  the  plagues unleashed in the world  using Pharmacia, which means sorcery, witchcraft and poison (concordance research). Seal 1 is the keystone for building this final and fourth one world government system spoken of by Daniel that is Iron, graphene oxide, mixed in Clay, you. The fourth beast of Daniel’s dream (Daniel 7 is also seen in the two beasts of Revelation 13 (a World Dictator and the Antichrist) that will control the world with Artificial intelligence and a hive mind.

The seven seals of revelation build upon one another and we believe the first seal is the  bio release  planned, or gamed, for years and  has been well funded, researched, and even had been patented (the test)  before the release.[i]  Why?  The elites of this world, the rulers  and leaders  goal is to have all  poked with an “operating system”, which contains nanotechnology that will be used as  an ID and mind control system (see timeline).  The Bible talks about Pharmacia being released  and used in the last days as a means to coerce and  control, through  sorcery, poison and witchcraft.

Biological technology evolution or gene corruption  is another sign we are in the end of days linked to the Fourth Beast System Rising. Just  as the Days of Noah, the same gene corruption is  being fulfilled today by the altering of God given human  DNA / genes via mRNA ,and  introduction of Nano Technology in the fake  vaccine (witches brew / operating system).[ii]   Even the animals / cows are fair game for crisper gene altering recently approved by the FDA.[iii]   The mRNA technology called an operating system by a Bayer executive at the World Economic Forum is also linked to gene therapy that poisons the human body, our God given  bodies  which Jesus referred to as  temple of the Holy Spirit.. (1 Cor. 6:19)  However, according to many of the elite rulers in this world, “free will is dead” , and humans no longer can choose  what and who controls their ‘temple’ . [iv]

We will  unlock how the Abomination of Desolation may not be about a third temple being built in Israel, but rather a defilement of the temple of God that is  within you.   Ultimately, the Abomination of Desolation is about transhumanism ; connecting you to the satanic hive mind managed by artificial intelligence, the anti-Christ’s consciousness and quantum computers.   From, “Transhumanism is defined as the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”[v]

We will cover how futurists are teaching the world  that humans ,  are “ hackable animals” (Yuval Harari) by the  AI computer , which we believe is    The Fourth Beast System, the final empire at the end of days spoken of by Daniel.  The system of control by the BEAST System is really about humans  being hooked  up to artificial intelligence , AI,  and  that  Iron (graphene oxide) discovered in the injections   is being   mixed with clay  (you), as the scriptures have  told us:[vi]  This  is exactly what has begun  with worldwide injections and the reason it is pushed so hard while millions are maimed or dead.   It all had to start with the opening of Seal One and Revelation 9,  with the Fifth trumpet that is about a plague.

This is  the first step into transhumanism, mixing machines with humans.  If you survive the poison injection, your brain and nervous system probably  will be  rewired, and  ultimately controlled. And this is just the physical aspect linked to the poke! In essence the  modality when working correctly as planned,  easily accesses and steals your soul, and controls your spirit from returning to the Savior, Jesus Christ (your cut off from the Holy Ghost).

We will prove how this end of days beast system will allow the anti-Christ and Satan to be omni present, or appear so, as he must imitate  God.  And finally, we discuss how the Ten Kingdoms in the Book of Revelation that make war with the whore (harlot church), and become “one mind,” might just be TEN technology companies that many have started in government labs. .   But, it all starts with Seal one.   If you’ve taken this toxic brew unknowing, Christ made you, He can heal you. But you must repent now, and never receive another jab.








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