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What do the End of Days Look like and why you should care. Bible Study with Pastor Larry

What do the End of Days Look like and why you should care. Bible Study with Pastor Larry

Description of the End of Days

The speaker, Brother Larry, discusses the concept of spiritual warfare, emphasizing that the Bible teaches about both spiritual and physical warfare. He mentions the impending day of God’s wrath, often referred to as the day of the Lord, prophesied in the Bible. Brother Larry urges listeners to turn to Jesus for salvation, emphasizing the need to escape God’s punishment for sin and disobedience. He describes the future seven years of great and terrible judgment, using various adjectives and phrases to depict the catastrophic events, including war, economic collapse, famines, plagues, and more. Brother Larry warns against taking the mark of the beast during this time and encourages listeners to seek refuge in Jesus Christ to avoid the impending judgment. The message concludes with a call to come to Christ before it’s too late.

Picture of Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry, a seasoned spiritual warrior and Vietnam Marine veteran, brings a wealth of life experience to his video podcasts. With over three years dedicated to studying Ephesians six and spiritual warfare, he combines his military discipline and pastoral insight to deliver engaging, faith-filled content. Beyond the pulpit, Larry's diverse career spans from owning a paint company to teaching, showcasing his versatility and commitment to impacting lives. His encounters with the spiritual realm add a unique depth to his teachings, making him not just a knowledgeable guide in faith but also a relatable and approachable figure.

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