Why is NY City Sinking? It is happening Around the World. FDR 243

Why is NY City Sinking? It is happening Around the World. FDR 243

Cities Around the World are Sinking, Why, It’s not the Probably not the Weight of the Buildings

Cities around the world are sinking. The article from the NY Post about New York City is sinking discusses the issue of heavy buildings. But a Christian Scientist said this has to do with erosion from tilde pools getting more aggressive and washing away the foundation and sand. Could this be from primary water coming from below as the days of Noah? We discuss the evidence of meteorite sites really are geysers.

Science has made an extraordinary leap forward, revealing the existence of an underground ocean of unfathomable proportions. It lies hidden beneath our feet, silently dwarfing all the water bodies we know.

This underground ocean, often referred to as “primary water,” has been uncovered through years of meticulous research and groundbreaking scientific exploration. It is an aquatic treasure trove beyond our wildest dreams. You need to think of how Libya tapped into primary water to green the desert that NATO destroyed. There is a war on your water rights demonstrated by the lack of deep drilling, toilet to water World Bank Projects, and Smart meters. “Water is not a human right.”

We believe this discovery is the key to understanding ancient cataclysms, such as the legendary “great flood.” And who better to enlighten us on this topic than the renowned Joe Rogan himself?

A snippet from a Joe Rogan, where Joe Rogan and a scientist guest discuss ancient flood evidence from various geological observable facts, demonstrating the fact of a global cataclysm.

Joe Rogan’s insightful discussions have shed light on the evidence of a cataclysmic event in our ancient past. Could these facts be remnants of a real-life “great flood”? It is self evident that the underground ocean holds the key to this enigmatic piece of history?

We stand at the brink of a new era of discovery! The existence of the underground ocean, its unfathomable depths, and its evident connection to ancient cataclysms has left the scientific community astounded. Brace yourselves, for the secrets of the underground ocean are just beginning to surface!

If you are a Christian and live on the coast and own property, check your insurance and pray for what you need to do. Don’t panic. Think about your water strategy moving forward. I purchased a water bucket to retrieve water from a well when the grid goes down. https://sjwellfire.com/prepare/

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