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Why the Elite need WW3. FDR: 283

Why the Elite need WW3. FDR: 283

E – Government is being sold to you with Convenience and other nonsense

Efficiency and Accessibility: Digital e-government services make government functions more efficient and accessible. Citizens can access essential services and information from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Carbon trackers, which monitor and report carbon emissions, are crucial in the fight against climate change. Governments can use these tools to encourage environmentally responsible behavior among individuals and organizations, leading to a reduction in carbon footprints.

Health Records and Vaccine Passports: Digital health records and vaccine passports streamline healthcare services. They enable quick access to medical history and vaccination status, especially during health crises like pandemics. This facilitates efficient contact tracing, vaccination campaigns, and public health monitoring.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Digital transactions generate vast amounts of data that governments can analyze to make informed decisions. This data can inform policies, improve service delivery, and enhance public safety.

Cost Savings: Automation of government services can reduce administrative costs. By digitizing processes and reducing paperwork, governments can allocate resources more efficiently.


E-govenment fit the ID2020 Narrative or the Beast System that will feed the Social Credit Score

ID2020, a global initiative, seeks to provide a legal and digital identity to every person worldwide. This digital identity can play a pivotal role in enhancing various e-government functions. In this article, we will explore how ID2020 can be integrated into different e-government functions, offering benefits and addressing potential concerns.

Benefits of ID2020-Enabled E-Government Functions (so we are told)

Identification and Authentication: ID2020 provides a secure and unique digital identity for individuals. This identity can be used for secure access to government services, eliminating the need for physical IDs and paperwork.

Efficient Service Delivery: E-government services can use ID2020 to streamline service delivery. Citizens can access services quickly and efficiently, reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

Enhanced Data Security: ID2020 employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect personal data. Governments can leverage this technology to safeguard citizens’ sensitive information.

Inclusive Access: ID2020 can help bridge the digital divide by ensuring that everyone has equal access to government services, including those in remote or underserved areas.

Public Health Management: In the context of health services, ID2020 can facilitate the creation of digital health records, vaccination passports, and contact tracing, improving public health management during pandemics and beyond.

Financial Inclusion: ID2020 can be linked to financial services, promoting financial inclusion for citizens who were previously excluded from the banking system.

Data-Driven Governance: Governments can leverage the data generated by ID2020-enabled services for data-driven decision-making, policy formulation, and resource allocation.

Enslavement Watch-Outs for ID2020-Enabled E-Government Functions

Privacy and Consent: Collecting and using personal data through ID2020 must be done with the utmost respect for privacy and user consent. Strong data protection laws and mechanisms should be in place.

Cybersecurity: Governments must invest in robust cybersecurity to protect citizens’ digital identities from cyber threats and data breaches.

Digital Literacy: Ensuring that citizens understand how to use their digital identities effectively is crucial. Digital literacy programs should accompany the implementation of ID2020.

Exclusion Risks: While ID2020 aims for inclusivity, there is a risk of excluding individuals who do not have access to digital technologies or who cannot participate in the identity registration process due to various reasons.

Legal and Ethical Frameworks: Governments must establish clear legal and ethical frameworks for the use of digital identities to prevent misuse or abuse.

Carbon Trackers, UBI and CDBC:  Governement will use e-government to enslave you with CBDC and UBI.    Never forget the nonsense of the UN global sustainable development goals.    Our enslavement draws nigh.

ID2020-enabled e-government functions have the potential to revolutionize public administration, making services more efficient, secure, and accessible. However, it’s essential for governments to address the challenges and watch-outs, particularly related to privacy, cybersecurity, and inclusion, to ensure that the benefits of digital identities are realized while safeguarding individual rights and interests. Through responsible implementation and continued vigilance, ID2020 can contribute to a more efficient and equitable digital government ecosystem.

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