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Wickedness in the News: FDR 208

Wickedness in the News: FDR 208

Wickedness and Demonic Activity in the News

Dragon Man | Demonic Child in a Box Celebrity Art | Bill Gates of Hell new Book | CDC Vaccine replace White People | NATO Demonic Dance | Pink Painted Bird | Hollywood strike until everyone is vaxed | China Balloon | Amputee Killed running on stumps | All though dark days, people want Jesus and to get saved dream



Scott, the driving force behind, is a dedicated "watchman" with many years of experience in political analysis and study of biblical truth. His Final Days Report melds current events with scripture and prophecy, offering deep insights to equip and enlighten others in these turbulent times. Check out Scott's e-Book, "Seal One Has Opened that Primes the Fourth Beast System".

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  1. I like this response from a former COP on the shooting of a man without legs with a knife. There is a war on local police so his explanation makes sense. You can’t take anyone for granted so I agree with his assessment. Scott, thanks, I have been grateful for your videos. Murderous amputees with weapons are always a real treat for a cop. I was a cop for ten years, and dealt with a few of those. I also tackled people (not handicapped) with knives so they would NOT be shot by my buddy cops. No exaggeration, and I could have gotten in big administrative trouble for risking my life to tackle people wielding knives, even if I did save their lives. Maybe you know all about this kind of tactical police training, already, but if you do not, this may shed a little light….. Police are trained that there is a “21 foot reactionary gap” wherein training dogma is that you MUST shoot center mass at a violent and threatening subject with a knife. The reason for this is because within that “21 foot reactionary gap”, even if you shoot and kill a violent subject with a knife, after being shot, but BEFORE he/she dies, he/she could still kill you and several other people with that knife. In some ways, knives are more deadly than guns. Granted, when you see videos of amputees with knives running around on stumps, it looks both bad and bizarre. Another thing to keep in mind is that one of the best and most certain ways to kill a person with a knife is with a slash to the femoral artery on the inside of the leg. Sometimes there is no saving a person from such a cut, and I have been involved in cases where shoplifters slashed the inner thighs of cashiers, and those victims nearly bled out and died, even with immediate EMS help. So……. A quick guy on stumps with a knife is most perfectly positioned to kill an officer in their LEAST protected area of the body- the inner thigh. As a Christian, I still preferred to risk my life tackling knife-wielding people than shoot them dead, at times. And that is partly why I am no longer a cop. But I figured this perspective might be interesting to you, Scott. In any case, you are absolutely correct that the whole image is bizarrely evil and vile to watch. Your channel is a blessing. Thanks again for posting Christ-centered content

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