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Bill Gates investment behind Malaria, the evidence this is the next Plandemic? FDR: 258

Bill Gates investment behind Malaria, the evidence this is the next Plandemic? FDR: 258

Malaria – the Next Plandemic?

In recent developments, genetically modified (GMO) mosquitoes have been released in both Florida (FL) and potentially Texas (TX) as an innovative approach to combat malaria. However, a disconcerting turn of events has emerged, as both states are now grappling with an outbreak of malaria. This sequence of events has led a logical person to speculate about the presence of a classic problem-reaction-solution scenario.

Adding to the intrigue, a Russian general has claimed to possess intelligence suggesting the use of mosquitoes as a means to disseminate malaria among troops in Ukraine. This revelation further fuels suspicions surrounding the deployment of GMO mosquitoes used to create fear and justify a means to lock you down and defile the temple of God that is you with their Nano tech / mRNA gene defilement malaria poke.   At a minimum, no vaccine passport, no work for you.

What adds another layer of complexity to the situation is the funding of an mRNA vaccine for malaria by the same entities involved in launching the GMO mosquitoes. The timing and connection between the two raise questions and stir speculation about ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) possesses the ability, through their treaty agreements, to enforce stringent measures under the pretext of combating climate change and disease spreaders. This power and measures is a tool for global control. The accumulation of these events suggests a sinister plan that aligns with the concept of a one-world government, a notion found within the Bible and end of days.

Interestingly, when examining the word “toxin,” its definition includes “bow,” which holds significance in the context of a biblical interpretation that associates the first seal with conquest, symbolized by a bow.

Note:  Bill Gates said every dollar he invest he make $20 (correction).   What an investment.

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