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Beast Digital System is NIGH. FDR: 256

Beast Digital System is NIGH. FDR: 256

Beast System Digital Enslavement is HERE.   Wake UP.

The concept of a digital ID and its implications on personal freedoms has become a topic of concern for many individuals. Digital identification systems, such as ID2020, are part of a nefarious agenda to enforce control and establish a mark of the beast technology, closely tied to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Universal Basic Income (UBI). Additionally, concerns about facial recognition technology and the emergence of smart cities further fuel apprehensions about a potential future of enslavement.   AI can now read your thoughts and the anti christ will be linked to this Fake God.

The “mark of the beast” could be a digital ID DNA system that will serve as a means of control over individuals means to buy or sell. The infrastructure is being built by digital ID to access various services such as healthcare, travel, banking, and even the internet, people become dependent on a centralized authority. This dependence paves the way for extensive monitoring and surveillance, allowing authorities to track an individual’s movements and control their access to essential services.   Health and climate tracking apparatus will be used as a problem to solve but you’ll be enslaved. Think about CBDC and FED now that we have covered.

The integration of digital ID systems with CBDCs and UBI has raised concerns about increased government control. These systems enable governments to have unprecedented power over citizens’ finances and impose restrictions on how and where they can spend their money.   It is programable money.  By combining digital ID, CBDCs, and UBI, it is feared that governments will manipulate individuals’ behavior, leading to a loss of personal autonomy and economic freedom.

The widespread use of facial recognition technology within digital identification systems has become a subject of contention. This technology infringes upon an individual’s right to privacy and contributes to the erosion of personal freedoms. Facial recognition, when coupled with a digital ID, can enable constant surveillance, ultimately compromising an individual’s ability to move freely without being tracked or identified.   The government has just been caught buying information on everyone.

Another concern is the rise of smart cities, where advanced technology is integrated into urban infrastructure for improved efficiency and convenience. Smart cities could facilitate mass surveillance, as various interconnected systems gather vast amounts of data on residents’ activities. The fear is that this data could be exploited for control purposes, furthering the idea of an enslaved society.

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