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Don’t want a SMART WATER Meter, No Electricity, Beast System Blackmail, FDR: 292

Don’t want a SMART WATER Meter, No Electricity, Beast System Blackmail, FDR: 292

Don’t want a SMART WATER Meter, No Electricity – Beast System

In the covert realm of emerging technologies, Smart Meters have become more than just tools for utility tracking. Embedded within these seemingly innocuous devices lies the power to control not just your electricity and water but potentially your entire existence.

As part of a broader strategy, the term SMART in military circles stands for Secret Militarized Arms in Residential Technologies. – a sinister precision mirroring the calculated grip these technologies have on our lives.

Smart Meters, once innocently viewed as mere utility monitors, now act as conduits for potential dystopia. With the rise of transhumanism, they form an integral part of the Spy Grid, a web of surveillance extending beyond mere utility usage, infringing upon personal privacy and freedoms. The risks are exacerbated when intertwined with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Social Credit Scores, tools that can be wielded to manipulate behavior and control access to essential services.

Imagine a world where refusal to conform results in a swift flick of the switch, leaving homes and lives in darkness. The 15-minute city concept, promising convenience, becomes a double-edged sword as inhabitants unknowingly trade autonomy for the illusion of efficiency.

In this paradigm, Smart Meters cease to be mere utilities; they evolve into instruments of control, threading the needle between convenience and coercion. The dangers of transhumanism merge seamlessly with the broader web of surveillance, forming a tapestry of control where resistance becomes a luxury few can afford.

Beware the SMART devices that promise connectivity – for in their shadows lurk the risks of technological enslavement, where personal freedom becomes the ultimate casualty.  You have to ask, how will the Anti Christ become omnipresent.

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