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Is Obama in Charge of Biden’s Administration? Final Days Report (FDR) 291

Is Obama in Charge of Biden’s Administration? Final Days Report (FDR) 291

Is Obama Running the Show

Obama is back in the news and it reminds me of how the AC will talk peace after the seals.  Plus, we cover other wicked news you should be aware of.    I mention seals in the vcast so here is some context.

  1. The First Seal – The White Horse (Revelation 6:1-2):

The first seal introduces a rider on a white horse, symbolizing conquest or victory. This figure is often associated with Christ or a conquering force.

  1. The Second Seal – The Red Horse (Revelation 6:3-4):

The second seal reveals a rider on a red horse, symbolizing war and conflict. This rider takes peace from the earth, and people begin to kill one another.

  1. The Third Seal – The Black Horse (Revelation 6:5-6):

The third seal unveils a rider on a black horse, symbolizing scarcity and famine. The rider holds scales, indicating economic hardship and a limited food supply.

  1. The Fourth Seal – The Pale Horse (Revelation 6:7-8):

The fourth seal introduces a rider on a pale horse, often interpreted as representing death and Hades. This rider has authority over a quarter of the earth, bringing death through various means, including famine, pestilence, and wild beasts.

Revelation 9 describes the fifth and sixth trumpets, introducing supernatural and apocalyptic events, including the release of demonic forces. The fifth trumpet unleashes locusts with stinging tails, causing torment but not death. The sixth trumpet releases a massive army of horsemen, symbolizing destructive forces.  Reading into the details, this is about plagues.

After the chaos depicted in the seals, the world may be longing for stability and peace. The Antichrist, appearing as a charismatic and seemingly benevolent leader, will exploit this desire for peace.


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