Stop Divide and Conquer Race War 2.0 (dream)! Final Days Report #7

Stop Divide and Conquer Race War 2.0 (dream)! Final Days Report #7

Marxist Playbook to Divide and Conquer and Make us All Slaves to the State

Had another dream to stop elites push for divide and conquer strategy.   We  use scripture how Christians can unite and bring down this wicked strategy. “Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Watch Second Dream about the Elite’s strategy to Divide and Conquer.

Critical Race Theory

This is a psychological warfare tool to bring people down and turn you into collective puppets vs. individual thought provoking God fearing free willed people.   Love thy neighbor with all your heart is what we need to do to destroy this tyrannical elite strategy driven by Satan.

The Pilgrim society have been behind history’s great cullings over the years including Russia’s purge of many Christians.   It’s the same playbook.  So Christians, be wise as serpents but gentle as doves.    Build up your community of all races.

It appears the great culling has begun with this vaccine passport since CV19 was a bio weapon funded by the USA.     Deagel report has many Western Nations being depopulated by as much as 70%.   Wake up and know your enemy that is the owners of the central banks that are really private banks.   My understanding is only 8 K individuals rule the world.

Beginning of Sorrows / End of Days (time to repent)

Get right with God and make sure you save your soul believing on Jesus Christ.   You never know when it’s your last day.   Read the good book and practice his word (KJV).   Yes Jesus is coming back and no he is not a wimp.   He is coming to judge.   America loves it’s sin way to much that I think judgement is inevitable.

 Build food supply around your communities for they are also planning a famine..

If you live in the city and don’t have land for gardens, learn permaculture and guerrilla gardening.    Lincoln cement and fruit are the solutions..

Elites Strategies to Control YOU…

Divide and Conquer: The concept of “divide and conquer” is a strategy that has been used throughout history by those seeking to gain power or control over a population. It involves creating divisions or conflicts within a group or society, in order to weaken their collective strength and maintain control. This can be achieved by exploiting differences such as race, religion, ethnicity, social status, or political ideology, and fueling animosity and mistrust among these groups. By sowing seeds of division, those in power can manipulate and control the narrative, diverting attention from their own actions or agenda.

Order out of Chaos: “Order out of chaos” is a phrase often associated with the concept of achieving control or implementing a specific agenda through creating or exploiting chaos or crisis situations. It suggests that in times of chaos or confusion, those in power can step in and establish order or impose their desired policies or measures, claiming it is necessary to restore stability or solve the crisis. This concept has been utilized by various individuals or groups throughout history to consolidate power or push forward specific agendas, taking advantage of fear, uncertainty, and crisis situations to further their goals.

Bread and Circus: “Bread and circus” is a term that originated from ancient Rome, referring to the practice of providing food and entertainment to the masses as a means of distracting them from pressing issues or grievances. It implies that by keeping people entertained and well-fed, those in power can distract them from real problems, manipulate public opinion, and maintain control over the population. This tactic can involve providing superficial or trivial distractions to keep people passive and complacent, while their underlying concerns or grievances are ignored or suppressed.

Cognitive Triangle: The cognitive triangle is a concept used in psychology that refers to the interconnected relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It suggests that these three elements are closely linked and can influence each other. In the context of control over the population, the cognitive triangle can be utilized to manipulate people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to maintain control or achieve a specific agenda. This can involve shaping public opinion, controlling the narrative through media or propaganda, and influencing people’s emotions, beliefs, or actions to align with the desired outcome of those in power.

It’s important to be aware of these concepts and critically analyze the information and narratives presented by those in power or the media. By understanding how these tactics can be used to manipulate or control the population, individuals can strive to maintain a discerning and independent mindset, seek diverse perspectives, and make informed decisions based on reliable and verified information. Additionally, being vigilant and actively participating in civic engagement, advocating for transparency and accountability, and promoting unity and understanding among diverse groups can be crucial in countering the negative effects of these manipulative tactics.   Other tactics of control include the following:

  1. Propaganda: The use of propaganda, which is the dissemination of biased or misleading information, can be employed to shape public opinion, influence beliefs, and manipulate perceptions. This can involve the spread of misinformation, manipulation of facts, and controlling the narrative through media, advertising, or other channels.
  2. Surveillance: Monitoring and surveillance of the population through various means, such as mass surveillance programs, monitoring of communication channels, social media tracking, or other forms of data collection, can be used to gain insights into people’s behaviors, preferences, and activities. This information can then be used to exert control or influence over individuals or groups.
  3. Censorship: Controlling or limiting access to information, ideas, or dissenting voices can be a tactic used to restrict the flow of information and maintain control over the narrative. This can involve censorship of media, internet content, or other forms of communication to prevent the dissemination of dissenting opinions or critical information.
  4. Coercion and Force: The use of coercion, force, or violence to suppress dissent, dissenting voices, or opposition can be employed to maintain control over the population. This can involve tactics such as intimidation, threats, physical violence, or abuse of power by those in authority.
  5. Manipulation of Laws and Policies: Manipulating laws, policies, or regulations to suit the agenda of those in power can be used as a means of control. This can involve passing restrictive laws, eroding civil liberties, or implementing policies that suppress dissent or opposition.
  6. Economic Control: Controlling or manipulating the economy, such as through monopolies, price controls, or economic sanctions, can be used as a tactic to gain leverage and control over the population. This can involve exploiting economic vulnerabilities or disparities to maintain power or influence.
  7. Social Engineering: Manipulating social norms, values, or cultural beliefs can be used as a tactic to control or shape the behavior of the population. This can involve propaganda, indoctrination, or other forms of social engineering to influence attitudes, behaviors, or beliefs.  AICB

The Marxist communist ideology, as espoused by figures like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, lays out a theoretical framework for revolution and the establishment of a classless society. While the specific methods and tactics may vary in different contexts, a general point plan for a Marxist communist takeover of a country may include the following steps:

  1. Ideological Indoctrination: Marxist communists seek to gain support and recruit followers through ideological indoctrination. This can involve disseminating Marxist ideology through propaganda, education, and mass mobilization campaigns to shape the beliefs and attitudes of the population.   Think perversion and luciferianism.
  2. Class Struggle: Marxist communists emphasize the importance of class struggle and the overthrow of the capitalist bourgeoisie by the proletariat, the working class. This can involve organizing and mobilizing the working class against the capitalist class, exploiting grievances and disparities in society to build support for revolution.
  3. Mass Mobilization: Marxist communists may engage in mass mobilization efforts, such as protests, strikes, or demonstrations, to build momentum and gather support for their cause. These efforts can be aimed at disrupting the existing social, economic, and political order and creating an environment conducive to revolutionary change.
  4. Revolutionary Vanguard: Marxist communists may form a revolutionary vanguard, a small group of dedicated and ideologically committed leaders who seek to lead the revolution and seize power. This vanguard may employ various strategies, including underground activities, organization of revolutionary cells, and clandestine operations to further their agenda.
  5. Political Subversion: Marxist communists may engage in political subversion, including infiltrating existing political institutions, parties, or movements to gain influence and create instability. This can involve manipulating political processes, exploiting divisions, and leveraging discontent to further their revolutionary objectives.
  6. Economic Disruption: Marxist communists may seek to disrupt the existing economic system, including undermining capitalist enterprises, disrupting supply chains, or promoting labor strikes, to weaken the capitalist class and create conditions for revolution.
  7. Overthrow of Existing Order: The ultimate goal of Marxist communists is to overthrow the existing social, economic, and political order and establish a socialist or communist state. This can involve a coordinated and forceful overthrow of the ruling class, seizure of state institutions, and establishment of a new system based on Marxist communist principles.

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