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Occult Symbolism of the Twitter X Logo – End of Days Beast System. FDR: 264

Occult Symbolism of the Twitter X Logo – End of Days Beast System. FDR: 264

Beast TECH Enslavement Watch..

Elon Musk, the so called enigmatic entrepreneur and visionary, has made a profound impact on various industries with his ambitious ventures.   Much of which has been underwritten by the Government.   When you look at what Elon supports, it echoes Klaus Schwab.    Appears to be wings of the same bird or false light.   While many admire his contributions to technology and innovation, there is evidence sthat his and other tech companies are part of a dystopian future, linked to the idea of a “Beast System” in the context of the end of days. This fishcast makes the connections between Musk’s ventures, the potential integration of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), and other tracking technologies, raising questions about privacy, control, and the potential implications on society.

Elon Musk’s companies can be likened to a “fake trinity,” drawing parallels to the Holy Trinity in Christianity. This trinity comprises three major projects: Neuralink, Starlink, and AI companies.

Neuralink / Starlink  – The Fake Holy Ghost: Neuralink, a neurotechnology company founded by Musk, aims to develop brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to merge the human mind with artificial intelligence. While the concept of enhancing human capabilities is exciting, concerns arise about privacy, autonomy, and potential misuse of such technologies, blurring the lines between human and machine.  Starlink – 5G: Starlink, another Musk endeavor, seeks to provide global internet coverage through satellite constellations. While promising increased connectivity, critics worry about potential surveillance and control, given the vast reach of this communication network.

AI Companies – The Fake God: Musk’s involvement in various AI-related projects sparks fears about an AI-led future. Though AI has the potential to improve efficiency and address global challenges, the lack of proper regulation and oversight could lead to unintended consequences and possible manipulation.

Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter to become an “everything app” raises concerns about data privacy and control. By transforming Twitter into a multifunctional platform with payment processing capabilities and connected debit cards, it can potentially centralize users’ financial data, resembling a “FED NOW vehicle” (Federal Reserve’s real-time payments initiative). Moreover, the integration of CBDCs could further consolidate control over financial transactions, raising issues about surveillance and censorship.

Critics speculate that the transformation of Twitter and its potential link to other Musk companies may lead to the implementation of social credit scores. Such scores, as seen in some countries, could be used to monitor and influence individuals’ behavior based on their online activities, impacting their access to financial services and opportunities.

Furthermore, with Musk’s involvement in renewable energy projects, there are concerns that a “Carbon Credit Score” system could be developed, monitoring individuals’ carbon footprints and influencing their access to resources and services based on their environmental impact.   Remember, the WEF is launching a tracker to enslave you.    No meat for you.

The mention of “Iverify – are you telling the truth” suggests the potential development of technologies to validate information and combat misinformation. While this could be seen as a positive step towards addressing misinformation, it raises concerns about censorship and control over information dissemination.

This intuitive analysis paints a grim picture of a potential future where Elon Musk’s companies are integrated into a dystopian “Beast System” that monitors and controls various aspects of human life, from finances to information. It is essential to recognize that these claims are grounded in unlocking the globalist strategy and with the understanding of their false light playbook.    We are watching good cop / bad cop or big time wrestling.

Last, we continue to compile evidence that the ten kings of the book of revelation are tech companies.    Did you know that Amazon is building a tower of babel headquarters?    Google’s corporation is called Alphabet inc is referenced to Alphabet agencies.    When you look at the foundations of many of these tech companies and funding, they have routes grounded in the military / gov. industrial complex.



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