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WEF Future Education System Pillars and WEF Recognized Young Researchers that is BEAST TECH to Enslave YOU. FDR: 263

WEF Future Education System Pillars and WEF Recognized Young Researchers that is BEAST TECH to Enslave YOU. FDR: 263

WEF Global Education System that you need to know

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognizes exceptional young researchers whose groundbreaking work addresses pressing global challenges. Among the 2019 awardees, several research areas align with themes mentioned in biblical prophecies, such as the Days of Noah, AI advancements, One World Systems, and Science opposing the Word of God. This Fishcast dives into the research areas of the recognized scholars and explores how some of these advancements could potentially be misused for nefarious purposes, drawing parallels with the biblical concept of “iron mixed with clay.”

Days of Noah – Biohack Technology / Transhumanism / Seed War:  The Days of Noah are often associated with a period of great technological advancement and moral degradation. Among the recognized young researchers, Ilana Brito from Cornell University made significant contributions to understanding the human microbiome and its implications for combating infectious diseases. Denise Morais da Fonseca’s work focused on how the immune system recovers from infectious diseases in low- to middle-income countries. These advancements in biotechnology could lead to medical breakthroughs but could also raise ethical concerns if used to manipulate the human genome or engineer living organisms for harmful purposes, reflecting the idea of “biohack technology” and “seed war.”   Think about the plandemic.   How can their research be highjacked for evil?

AI – God, Quantum Computers:  Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing have the potential to revolutionize various industries. Kim Young-Min from Seoul National University specializes in creating 3D models to facilitate tele-presence in augmented reality apps and assist robots in interacting with humans. Reminds me of men shall seek death and not find it.   Or, live forever in Meta.  Additionally, the research of Thomas Hermans from the University of Strasbourg focuses on designing self-replicating living systems and materials. While these developments have positive applications, there is concern that unchecked AI and self-replicating technologies could challenge the role of a higher power and blur the boundaries between creation and creator.  It seems like science is playing God.

One World Systems – New Laws:  The concept of a globalized society with unified systems and new laws aligns with biblical prophecies of a “One World System.” Ruth Morgan from University College London established an interdisciplinary forensic science research unit to minimize unsafe rulings in criminal justice systems. While the pursuit of a just legal system is commendable, in the context of a One World System, there could be potential risks of centralized control and loss of individual freedoms.

Science Countering the Word of God:  The Bible often speaks of conflicting ideologies and practices that challenge divine teachings. Ashley King from The Natural History Museum analyzes extraterrestrial materials to understand Earth’s origins, while Wang Yihua from Fudan University explores quantum computing possibilities. Though these scientific endeavors aim to deepen our understanding of the world, conflicts may arise if interpretations clash with Biblical truth.

Concerns of Iron Mixed with Clay:  The biblical concept of “iron mixed with clay” signifies a mixture of strength and fragility, representing an unstable union. In the context of these research areas, advancements in technology, AI, and global governance could offer tremendous benefits but also come with potential risks if misused. For instance, the mind-control technologies and loss of free will, although theoretical at this stage, could pose ethical challenges if exploited to manipulate or control individuals.

Conclusion: The recognition of young researchers by the World Economic Forum for their groundbreaking work is a testament to human ingenuity and determination to solve global challenges. However, it is essential to acknowledge that every scientific advancement carries both promises and potential dangers. As we continue to explore the frontiers of science and technology, it is crucial to ensure responsible and ethical use, safeguarding against misuse and manipulation. In light of biblical prophecies, it is essential for society to be vigilant and discerning, understanding the potential ramifications of scientific advancements on human values and your SOUL.

Next, we cover the WEF future of education that we dissect as an online AI future to always check in and be audited.   It is time to seek real wisdom and get saved and not enslaved.

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