The End of Free Speech, The Rise of the Government Internet Control. FDR: 294

The End of Free Speech, The Rise of the Government Internet Control. FDR: 294

RFK JR, and his Reported Sex issues and his link to Epstein.   Why Flipping on Free Speech for Israel?

ID2020 is a public-private consortium that advocates for digital ID for the billion undocumented people worldwide and under-served groups like refugees. ID2020 uses vaccination as a platform for digital identity, and aims to provide individuals with control over their own digital identities, including how personal data is collected, used, and shared.

The FCC Equity Act is a proposed set of rules that the FCC is expected to adopt based on a one-page section of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which calls on the FCC to adopt rules that would ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, reliable, and high-quality broadband services, taking into account technical and economic feasibility, and preventing and eliminating digital discrimination based on income, race, ethnicity, color, religion, or national origin. The FCC Equity Act would classify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service, which means that it would be subject to some common-carrier regulations, such as nondiscrimination, privacy, and consumer protection . This would also restore the net neutrality rules that were adopted during the Obama administration and repealed during the Trump administration, which prohibit internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking, throttling, or favoring certain online content or applications .

The issue of losing free speech with these initiatives is that they will enable the government and corporations to monitor, censor, and manipulate online content and communication, and to collect and exploit personal data of individuals, based on their identity attributes or political views . These initiatives will also coerce or pressure individuals to accept digital ID and vaccination, and to comply with certain rules or behaviors, in order to access essential services or benefits, such as education, health care, travel, or social security . These initiatives could also create a centralized and standardized system of digital identity that could be used to exclude, discriminate, or oppress individuals based on their identity attributes, such as nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, or health status.

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