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Ai Disease Surveillance State. FDR: 296

Ai Disease Surveillance State. FDR: 296

Ai Disease Surveillance many will sign up from fear

The VCAST covers the emergence of a “wave two plandemics” and the disease surveillance system utilizing artificial intelligence.  We discuss the CDC’s involvement in AI disease surveillance, mentioning AI innovation tracking models and the introduction of AI doctors within pods. There’s skepticism about Bill Gates’ initiatives, particularly related to death prevention in childbirth, and concerns are raised about potential mandatory involvement in a health monitoring system tied to various societal aspects like insurance, universal basic income, and global monitoring systems.

We then shifts focus to different news reports, including discussions on viruses “preying” on other viruses, the rise of a “vampire virus,” concerns about malaria, the increase in fungus-related cases, and Bill Gates’ efforts to lower the global population. There’s a video excerpt about simple and affordable solutions to prevent maternal and infant mortality during childbirth, but we mistrust these initiatives due to Gates’ involvement and previous statements about reducing the human population.   This is part of the beast system to control everything in your life.   It is nothing short of Disease surveillances to ai for your own good.

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