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UFO Deception (why / what)! Final Day Report # 10

UFO Deception (why / what)! Final Day Report # 10

UFO Trickery is a Deep State Playbook

Don’t be fooled, aliens did not create us.  You’ll see major flying crafts that go beyond physics as you know it.    But remember, the military is 70 years ahead of what you know.  We’ll cover a couple dreams of advanced human ufo tech and the manipulation of genes. As the days of Noah that had gene corruption.   Within the dream we talk about intelligent animals unknown to man.    But realize, the gene manipulation is real and we’ll show proof.   Don’t be held hostage by lies.   You have power in Jesus Christ for wisdom and don’t be fooled about UFOs.

One World Gov. Playbook – Alien Card – Asked Deep State for Thoughts 

In this scenario, a group or organization with significant global influence and power might devise a plan to create a fake alien invasion. They could use advanced technology to simulate extraterrestrial spacecraft, create false evidence of contact with aliens, and manipulate global media to spread fear and panic about an imminent alien threat to humanity.

The fake alien invasion could be used as a pretext to trigger a global emergency response, leading to the establishment of a centralized world government. Under the guise of protecting humanity from the perceived alien threat, this world government could implement strict control measures, including the imposition of a global identification system or “mark of the beast” as a means of tracking and controlling the world population. This mark could be presented as a solution to ensure safety and security, with promises of enhanced abilities or benefits, but in reality, it would serve as a means of surveillance and control over individuals’ lives.

This fictional scenario could be accompanied by manipulation of religious beliefs, with the fake alien invasion being presented as a fulfillment of prophecies from various religious texts, including the Bible or other scriptures. This could potentially sway people to accept the mark of the beast as part of a global religious narrative.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims the U.S. government (or other global entities) will use advanced holographic or technological capabilities to create a fake alien invasion or other orchestrated events to manipulate and control the population. However, it’s important to note that Project Blue Beam is not based on credible evidence and is widely regarded as a hoax or conspiracy theory.

In the alien invasion scenario, where a fake alien invasion is used to establish a one-world government and implement the “mark of the beast,” it’s possible that proponents of this scenario might claim that Project Blue Beam is being utilized to create realistic holographic projections of alien spacecraft or other phenomena to deceive the public. This could be presented as evidence of an imminent alien threat, further reinforcing the narrative and manipulation of the population  AICB

As planet X comes in, you’ll see more UFOs.   I think that is when they bring out fallen angels and they’ll say they created humans and not GOD.  All BS.   They will tie it to a new one world religion.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
I have two of many articles below about gene manipulation.

They are manipulating Genes (article)

“[Article by Dean Smith] On April 18, 2015, scientists from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong, China publicly announced in the online journal Protein and Cell, they had edited the genes in a non-viable human embryo using a gene editing technique called CRIS PR-Cas9. This procedure enables them to remove genes, splice new ones in and basically recode any gene strand they want. They apparently modified a gene in a number of embryos thought to cause disease. It is less than exacting because of the 28 embryos they tampered with only seven attempts were successful. Three weeks earlier in a letter to Science a group of scientists hearing rumors this was happening came out publicly opposing gene manipulation in humans. They don’t want it monitored. They want it stopped.

As in the days of Noah: Is history repeating itself with manipulation of human genes?


The WAR Machine is Beyond Your Imagination (article snip-it below)

Space Force Chief Scientist Says Developing Super-Soldiers Is ‘Imperative’

“In our business of national defense, it’s imperative that we embrace this new age, lest we fall behind our strategic competitors,” Dr. Joel Mozer said at an event at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Mozer said augmentation technology could produce a “superhuman workforce” that uses technologies like “augmented reality, virtual reality, and nerve stimulation.”“You could put [an] individual into a state of flow, where learning is optimized, and retention is maximized,” he said. “This individual could be shaped into somebody with very high-performing potential.”Mozer said that there will be “unimaginable” advances in this type of technology, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). He said AI could create “autonomous” programs that commanders can use to devise military strategies that “no human could.”“This will extend to the battlefield, where commanders and decision-makers will have at their disposal multiple autonomous agents, each able to control the execution of things like reconnaissance, or fire control, or attack,” he said.

Advanced Tech Example

A Twitter video showed a flatbed towing an object at a top-secret Lockheed Martin facility

There are Super Natural / Unexplained Things, And Here is my Experience

Great Deception: – You were Created by Aliens, as Planet X arrives

Planet x Coming IN

After the 3 Kings are destroyed with what appears to be Seal 4 and the Sixth Trumpet, there will be a great alien deception.    It’s the last great deception and I think it plays into Planet X.   The so-called planet x is a system that comes in every so often and brings destruction.  As the planet or star system is visible, all hell will break lose.   Fallen angels will appear that the elite and media will call aliens.   Thus, the great deception because you are seeing UFOs in the news.  They are priming us for the last card, you were created by aliens.   Planet X is in the Bible that many think it is Wormwood described in Revelation.   It could be another star mentioned as well for some believe Wormwood was the nuclear powerplant disaster that tainted the water in Europe.   Here is Planet x potentially in the Bible.

2 Esdras 15:37-4137 And there shall be great fearfulness and trembling upon earth: and they that see the wrath shall be afraid, and trembling shall come upon them.   And then shall there come great storms from the south, and from the north, and another part from the west.   And strong winds shall arise from the east, and shall open it; and the cloud which he raised up in wrath, and the star stirred to cause fear toward the east and west wind, shall be destroyed. The great and mighty clouds shall be puffed up full of wrath, and the star, that they may make all the earth afraid, and them that dwell therein; and they shall pour out over every high and eminent place an horrible star,  Fire, and hail, and flying swords, and many waters, that all fields may be full, and all rivers, with the abundance of great waters.1611 KJV

I think this scripture is Planet X.. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  Luke 21:25-26

Click this link for a Planet x Bible study.   The news covers planet x all the time but it’s a cover story.  If you have eyes to see the news psyop, you can see we are being primed for an incoming system coming in or seen through the firmament.

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