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Watchman Warning, the China Invasion of USA in Motion. The Evidence.. Plus Dreams. FDR: 248

Watchman Warning, the China Invasion of USA in Motion. The Evidence.. Plus Dreams. FDR: 248

Invasion of the USA – Update on Reality and Dreams

In recent times, a series of alarming events have unfolded, raising concerns about national security and the need for spiritual introspection. The convergence of an open border policy, infiltration by foreign actors, and the arming of various groups has created a climate of uncertainty in the United States. In light of these developments, it is essential to reflect on the consequences of straying from God’s path and the importance of seeking righteousness.

God’s Judgment and the Consequences of Sin:

Throughout history, numerous Old Testament patters emphasize the notion that God judges his people when they deviate from his ways. The biblical book of Jeremiah, for example, highlights the importance of seeking truth and executing judgment in order to receive divine pardon. This serves as a reminder that individuals and nations must remain vigilant in upholding moral values with the Word of God.

National Security Concerns and the Open Border:

By design, the United States finds itself grappling with the challenge of maintaining secure borders. Reports indicate that the influx of people crossing the southern border extends beyond Hispanics, with fighting-age men of various nationalities making their way into the country. Disturbingly, there have been suggestions of Chinese infiltrators possibly linked to the People’s Liberation Army, raising questions about their intentions and potential threats to national security.

Arming of the Government and the Role of DHS:

Concerns regarding the arming of government agencies have arisen, particularly in relation to the Department of Homeland Security’s acquisition of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. These rounds, illegal for use in war, have sparked speculation about their purpose. Some wonder whether they are intended for use against American citizens, prompting debate about the government’s intentions and the balance between national security and individual rights.   Are these illegal bullets being staged for the invaders?

Cuba’s Alleged Chinese Spy Base and the Cartel’s Weaponry:

Recent reports suggest that Cuba may host a secret Chinese spy base focused on monitoring U.S. citizens. This development raises further concerns about foreign influence and potential threats to national security. In addition, there are indications of cartels arming themselves with sophisticated weaponry, including anti-tank missiles probably from the Ukraine theater.

The Call to Be a Remnant:

Given the challenges the United States faces, it is essential to heed the call to be a remnant. This refers to a faithful minority that upholds righteousness, seeks truth, and fears and loves the Lord. As Jeremiah urged the people of Jerusalem to find individuals who embody these qualities, we are reminded of the importance of moral integrity, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to the values that underpinned in the Bible with the works of Ephesians six.   Save souls even your enemies will win the day.




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