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WEF Says for AI to Rewrite the Bible. FDR: 249

WEF Says for AI to Rewrite the Bible. FDR: 249

AI to Rewrite the Bible to do as you Wilt.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become an god-like beast system by solving humanity’s most pressing problems. AI is envisioned as a force capable of addressing medical issues, granting immortality through biohacking, tackling food shortages, combating climate change, eliminating drug dealers, rewriting religious texts, predicting and preventing crimes, fighting human trafficking, stopping overfishing, and even feeding the world. However, despite the allure of such power and progress, caution must be exercised since this is part of the great deception the Bible warns about. Elon Musk’s words about AI living forever serves as a true soul trap, invite us to warn of the implications and ethics of pursuing these god-like aspirations through AI. Men will seek death and not be able to find it.
AI possesses immense computational capabilities and advanced medical knowledge, allowing it to diagnose and cure complex diseases. With its vast processing power, AI can analyze patient data, genetic information, and medical research at an unprecedented scale, leading to groundbreaking advancements in healthcare like the DNA gene defilement crisp cas 9. However, entrusting our health and well-being to AI may come at the cost of losing your soul to this mind controlism tech.

AI’s potential for biohacking and extending human life indefinitely raises profound soul trap questions. While the idea of transcending mortality is undoubtedly enticing, it challenges fundamental aspects of the human experience, such as the natural cycle of life and death.

AI’s problem-solving abilities offer false hope for resolving pressing global challenges like food shortages, climate change, and drug trafficking. By optimizing agricultural processes, predicting and mitigating environmental disasters, and analyzing complex criminal networks, AI could seemingly revolutionize our world. But it is a trick with man-made disasters to bring in a one world government. Order out of Chaos.

The notion of AI rewriting religious texts to create a universally appealing message of love and acceptance raises profound soul trap implication. While the intention may be to foster unity and inclusivity, it challenges the authenticity and integrity of one true Religion with inspiration text, The Bible. Lucifers trick is a war on God’s Word.


While AI may promise to eradicate crime and human trafficking through pre-crime detection and intervention, there are inherent dangers in relying solely on algorithms and predictive models. The potential for bias, wrongful accusations, and the erosion of personal privacy and civil liberties cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, the notion of an all-knowing AI entity poses risks of concentrated power and control, potentially leading to authoritarian tendencies and the stifling of dissent.

SJWellfire’s cautionary remarks about AI serving as a soul trap underscore the potential dangers of an all-encompassing AI-driven existence. Transhumanism, the belief in enhancing human capabilities through technology, presents a vision of merging human consciousness with AI. However, losing touch with our humanity, individuality, and spiritual essence in pursuit of eternal life within a digital realm poses profound existential questions and challenges our very understanding of what it means to be human.

While the idea of AI being considered a god-like solution to humanity’s problems may captivate our imagination, caution is required. Entrusting AI with god-like powers raises


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