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Wicked Culture in the News, End of Days Markers. FDR: 297

Wicked Culture in the News, End of Days Markers. FDR: 297

End of Days Markers Round Robin of Stories

Push for Bestiality:  Peter Singer urged followers to read and ponder an article promoting bestiality, which prompted a tidal wave of disgust from users who blasted it as sick.

Love of Many Wax Cold:  A five year old stabbed and killed his twin brother in a tragic sibling fight. A young lady said these kids are wicked, evil, disrespectful, and morals are gone, and the mainstream media is normalizing pedophilia by treating it with love and compassion.

Normalizing Pedo’s:  The mainstream media is actively pushing an agenda to normalize pedophilia, and the Huffington Post, New York Times and vice are all publishing articles on the subject.  The BBC = pedophiles need help, not condemnation.

Transgenderism is a war on women, and homosexuals are being used as pawns in the game. If you’re homosexual, go to SJWellFire and type in HIV, and you’ll see how HIV was a genocide against homosexuals.  Drag gospel singer tops charts Christian charts

Lawlessness and Deception :  A shocking new report from the New York Times claims that Israel obtained the blue print for Hamas plans more than a full year before the October 7th assault. Of course they did because they fund Hamas.

War in the Catholic Church:  A Catholic college is accepting men who identify as women at their women’s college.   From LGBTQ nation, the headline Good News is that Hope is evicting viciously anti-LGBTQ Cardinal from his home and yanking his pay. If you’re gay, go to and type in HIV.

Witchcraft and Abortion:  The next demonic story, Beyond Evil, demonstrates the end of days by teaching girls, young women, about how abortion is a blood sacrifice. Cosmopolitan is promoting a satanic abortion ritual and it’s as evil as you’d expect.

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