Actors are in Place for a One Word Government. FDR: 286

Actors are in Place for a One Word Government. FDR: 286


Deep Dive the Genocide, Stand-down, Invasion, Theater of War, Seed War, Revelation 12 and more..

  • Why the Israel Stand down – 5 strategic points revisited
  • Israel’s history of false flags and crimes against humanity
  • Genocide watch moving the Palestinians off their land
  • DNA WAR: Revelation 12 shows a ‘seed / dna war’ aimed at the destruction of all Humanity, Israel, and Christian.   Share a story heard of the depopulation of Jews in Russia by German Soldiers.  We think the women of revelation might be EVE, the mother of all humanity.   Think about the seals.   Remember, the people of Israel where forced to take the as the days of Noah devil juice and be apart of a demonic healthcare database.    I pray they get saved.
  • FAKE NEWS:  a handful of major media conglomerates have a significant influence on the information we consume. It is true that a small number of corporations run the vast majority of media outlets, raising concerns about the diversity of perspectives and interests they represent. While the Smith-Mundt Act had been designed to prevent the dissemination of government propaganda within the United States, its reversal in 2012 allowed for a shift in how information is presented. This has led to a debate about the media’s role in shaping public perceptions.
  • Western Nation Invasion: The porous WESTERN Nations open borders has raised concerns about potential threats from terrorist cells especially as the false flag was allowed to happen to butcher I…. citizens.    Now we have a Christian hospital blow up.   Prepare for divide and conquer terror cells.
  • War Whores with Iran. Since the 70s, I remember being afraid of Iran with the bomb.    Iran has a thriving Christian underground community.   Stop the war talk and pray for a God Fearing Christian Government.
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