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IDF Stand Down, the Evidence. WHY? FDR: 285

IDF Stand Down, the Evidence. WHY? FDR: 285

Deeper Bible Study on WW3 and the Players

Does the False Prophet destroy the Whore in the Book of Revelation? Are the Countries in the Bible for WW3? Is AI in the Bible? FDR: 257


Never Forget USS Liberty

A “false flag” operation refers to a covert or deceptive maneuver where one entity, typically a government, organization, or individual, undertakes an action while disguising its origin to make it seem as though another party is responsible. These operations are conducted with the primary aim of causing confusion, diverting blame, manipulating public perceptions, or achieving strategic objectives through the use of deception. False flag operations often involve the dissemination of misleading information, fabricated evidence, or even orchestrated events to further their goals.

One notorious example of a false flag operation is “Operation Northwoods,” a plan developed by the U.S. Department of Defense in the early 1960s during the Cold War. The strategic goals of Operation Northwoods, which were fortunately never implemented, included:

Framing Cuba: Operation Northwoods proposed carrying out a series of covert and deceptive actions, such as acts of terrorism (on USA citizens) and sabotage, with the intention of making it appear as though these acts were perpetrated by the Cuban government. The goal was to create a pretext for military intervention in Cuba.

Gaining Public Support: The plan aimed to manipulate public opinion in the United States by presenting a false narrative of Cuban aggression and danger. This would have been achieved through carefully crafted media campaigns and disinformation.

Generating International Support: By portraying Cuba as a threat to international peace and security, Operation Northwoods sought to garner support from other nations for U.S. military actions against Cuba.

Justifying Military Action: The operation aimed to provide a justification for military strikes against Cuban targets, including potential airstrikes, naval blockades, and even the sinking of U.S. ships, all of which would be falsely attributed to Cuban aggression.

Neutralizing Castro’s Regime: Ultimately, the strategic goal was to destabilize and potentially overthrow the government of Fidel Castro in Cuba.

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